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for The Reincarnated Soul: A Transdimensional Wedding

7/22/2019 c29 JadePixie6565
You don't know how excited I was so find that you updated. I squealed like a fangirl on a sugar high. Now the Mutanimals are here! OMG! I can't stop squealing and stomping my feet. You my friend have officially made day even better. Thank-you soooooo much!
7/5/2019 c24 JadePixie6565
I'm loving this series. It's too bad that the 2012 Turtles cant call their allies to come help. I'm sure the Mutanimals would be a great help along with Karai's friend Shinigami. Also Monalisa too. But all last they are back in their dimension and there is no way to contact them much less bring them too the 2k3 turtles verse.

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