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for Magic-Man and the shrinking spider

7/31/2020 c7 6cshen.julienne
Hahaha you go Rhodey!

Great story!
4/17/2020 c7 4CaptainMarvel123875
I LOVED this so much thank you for sharing!
4/17/2020 c6 CaptainMarvel123875
hope loki ccan fix this
4/17/2020 c5 CaptainMarvel123875
awww Peter's outfit had me smiling
4/17/2020 c4 CaptainMarvel123875
Idk why but this had me cracking up. Just everyone getting seriously offended by a 2 year old lollll
4/17/2020 c3 CaptainMarvel123875
oh nooo
3/8/2020 c7 5Libatalia Riddle
that. was. AMAZHANG!
1/30/2020 c1 Mermaid12
Ya know, Magic Man kinda seems like the type of villain that would be on Miraculous Ladybug.
Good so far, Keep Writing!
8/30/2019 c7 1LDSMorningGlory
So cute! I love the baby Stark thing
8/30/2019 c7 Nana972
that story was so funky and fluffy thank you it was a little piece of art !
8/17/2019 c7 Moleluv
This story is so funny and happy and sad at the same time. I love it. The bit with Rhodey just casually swatting him at the end was so funny as well.
You should also read the Anna Dressed In Blood book by Kendare Blake. There's a being who gains power from eating others flesh and this story reminded me of it.
7/26/2019 c7 3aredhel-of-goldolin
This is absolutely freaking ADORABLE! I love it so much and it just melted my heart.
7/10/2019 c2 Lonely oncer
Is it bad that all i can imagine is like dwarf scott from ant man? like, i know he’s meant to be 2, but that’s all i can see
6/17/2019 c7 3Terra Elizabeth
Such an adorable story.
6/5/2019 c7 Guest
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