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11/6/2021 c10 Mega nuva
I did tear up cry thank you for making introduced to this series while I was just looking threw crossovers and u found this I'm happy to see this and this is my first time reviewing stuff like this!
7/18/2021 c13 BerixTheThief
So Reviving Bionicle 4 Ep 3 got recently released... will you make an chapter about it?
1/22/2020 c13 1paijitsean
Great chapter! Although I think there were some reaction worthy parts in this that you left out. But a great chap nonetheless, and I think Volume 7 is going very well.
1/4/2020 c12 Redrangerlegacy
I can't wait for the next chapter. Seriously, this story is awesome. Also, is it weird that I can imagine team RWBY as toa in the bionicle universe?
12/28/2019 c12 paijitsean
Great chapter!
11/23/2019 c11 1toalorikan626
hey i just figured out that sudenly oranges has videos posted on dailymotion that aren't on youtube just type in for bionicle and you'll see, he's even got a christmas special posted there
8/29/2019 c2 Guest
I’m so happy that this exists
8/11/2019 c11 FlashDevil
Is this an actual trailer?
7/1/2019 c9 1paijitsean
Well, to answer your email that’s a good question I originally was thinking the trilogy or the online game, or even the brief history video LEGO made, just something that gives them a firm idea of what is is and how special it was, it’s your choice...
7/1/2019 c10 1toalorikan626
Your offerings to Denmark are greatly accepted... an Omake you could probably make in the mean time could probably be Team Rwby introducing JNPR to the Show and receiving a lot of packages filled with all the Bionicle sets, movies and books to show what the true r
Series was like.
7/1/2019 c10 1paijitsean
This was a good story, I can't wait til RB 4 is out, anyway will you have them react to real bionicle things, like the trilogy, or the songs? or even the figures, anyway hope to read more soon.

til then, Hail Denmark

also, do you in the UK?
6/20/2019 c9 Nicholas Silverdrake
Late to review this, but I'm here now! I liked the parallel you created between Yang and Tahu concerning looking for answers, with Raven for Yang and Gali for Tahu. That honestly caught me off guard in the best way possible. And I will say, the first time I watched this episode, the whole "insubordinate cockalorum" bit had me react basically the same way as Yang. Nicely done, and stay awesome.
6/1/2019 c8 Nicholas Silverdrake
A good end for this arc. Enjoyable, funny, and a few "meta" moments. I do wonder, however, how RWBY would have reacted to seeing Voriki and The Afraid together in the post-credits scene. Would they have guessed that The Afraid is the embodiment of Denmark, like so many other people believe? Or would they think that it is something, or someone, else?

That being said, take as much time as you need. We'll be here.

Rest Peacely (DAMMIT, TAHU!)

5/27/2019 c3 Nicholas Silverdrake
I forgot in my review for chapter 7, but I'm curious how team RWBY will react to "The Afraid." It's a really mysterious and slightly creepy entity, with a kinda unsettling voice, and I wonder what their take on it will be. That being said, PEACE!
5/27/2019 c7 Nicholas Silverdrake
I'm a little late, but good chapter. All the little details that call back to previous episodes really help tie the story together. I'm with Team RWBY in that when Vorki was going through his "existential crisis," I felt really bad for him too. As for my three guesses, I'm going to go with TakanuvaOfficial, StudleyAvocado, and Astro Squid. Probably wrong, but why not?

Tune in next time for the stunning conclusion to this arc, in Reviving Bionicle 3 - Ep5: Future!
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