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3/10/2019 c1 2Green As Envy
I like the idea that One for All has sentience. it puts a whole new meaning to the passing along process, where in it can either be via DNA or a person the quirk itself finds more worthy. Also, I'm guessing Bakugou will be a villain who gets busted out by the League?
3/8/2019 c6 3pie480
I’m so happy! Two updates in one day! You know, I wasn’t really sure what to expect when I first started reading this, but it quickly blew me away! I kinda wish the chapters were a bit longer, but that’s just me being spoiled from reading some 5K words per chapter fics recently. I love Izu’s relationship with Aizawa so far. Are we going to get a scene with Aizawa tearing All Might a new one? It was an interesting twist to actually state that Katsuki was Izu’s god brother. Is this going to be a Izu/Shouto pairing? I’d love for them to at least bond over disliking/hating Endeavor. I can’t wait to read more. Thank you for the wonderful chapters. Please update again soon!
3/6/2019 c3 Ash
That went from 0 to 100 real fucking quick. Anyways, try to fix your spelling and some of the grammar. The story's already good but grammar and spelling makes it hard to read
3/5/2019 c2 DrunkenPanda
I like this story. The concept seems interesting enough, but I hope you don’t turn it into an angst fest. Personally Bakugo is my favorite character so I hope this goes quickly but do whatever you want. Good luck writing!
3/5/2019 c2 2cityhick
this is amazing I love it I can't wait for more
3/5/2019 c1 2CanadianBlitz
Oh man, this chapter was glorious! I can't wait for more! I love this writing style, and that quirk really looks like it can have a lot of potential!
You officially have my attention.
Keep up the awesome work!
3/5/2019 c1 33TheBlackDagger456
Well then...that escalated quickly
3/5/2019 c1 PsychoNightmare
ooh,...I can't wait to see bakugo fate
3/4/2019 c1 FireandIce4664
I am very interested and hyped for how this story is going to turn out.
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