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for The Dragon Prophecy

8/22/2019 c1 4frasierfan81
Love this. I wish they would have revisited the sculpture later in the show. Just like you did here.
3/22/2019 c1 73Irish Stone
You know I always took Jane's take on Daphne's denial of how Niles truly felt about her as cannon ... I mean you could just tell by Jane's face when Daphne finds out from the drugged up Fraiser about Nile's feelings for her. Plus you could tell in the Christmas episode (The episode RIGHT AFTER 'Back Talk') that Daphne was still trying to process learning of Niles's true love for her. She wasn't denying that Nile's truly loved her. She KNEW THAT TO BE THE TRUTH. She wasn't fighting it. She welcomed it.

The journey Daphne needed to take herself was her finally working it out in her soul her true feelings for Niles Crane.

Seriously that is why Daphne lost all control of her temper in the 'Dark side of the Moon' ... it wasn't all the craziness going on around her ... it was her still fighting within herself to remain true to her promise to marry Donny ... and her having to deny her heart and soul of her true love for Niles.

Seriously have a feeling that if they didn't write that line over Daphne's four year old niece asking her why she was so sad on her wedding day ... then Daphne would have ended up keeping her promise to Donny; and marrying him. Being the cheater in soul against her marriage vows to Donny for her love for Niles.

But I'm so glad that Daphne finally was true to herself and not force herself to walk down that isle towards Donny ... to get out of that widow and come find Niles for their 'date'. In that moment the true Daphne came roaring back.

Wow like I said I take Jane's statement as cannon.

Love your story and thank you for writing it.
3/6/2019 c1 723iloveromance
Aw, this is so wonderful and I remember gasping out loud when I saw that episode for the first time and saw that dragon!

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