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3/30 c2 FFreader22
iI hope you will give us more soon! I require a cordano fix.!
11/22/2020 c2 Guest
I wonder if we will get a holiday-themed update to enjoy with our egg nog... And if you can’t wait until late December to update a story, I’m sure readers would not object to more “House of Cards”!
11/6/2020 c2 197Daisyangel
Short and sweet but I like it.
11/6/2020 c2 seascapephil
Joyful to see an update for our favorite couple! Short and sweet just like the rocket :)
11/5/2020 c2 FitzyMary
What a wonderful update! Great Romano POV piece!
11/4/2020 c2 Guest
Oh yeah! Ffnet let me into ch2 this morning. Worth the wait as we wait for election results. A sweet scene to transport us to a better place. I wonder if E has become a US citizen in this universe and if she and R voted in PA...
11/4/2020 c1 Guest
Showing as having a chapter 2 but for some reason, I can't see it. FF must be on the blink again.
11/3/2020 c1 Guest
I wonder why others see a ch 2 but I can only see ch 1?
11/3/2020 c2 7IlikebigficsandIcannotlie
Oh yes! Absolutely wonderful update. Loved having a little check in on their life and Robert’s thoughts on how it’s going. Slight regrets about having to work night shifts and then coming home to see why it’s all worth it. And hearing what went through his head when he met Lizzie. Ahhh. Loved it all.
11/3/2020 c2 FFreader22
I love it! Short it may be, but it packs so much in to it! very happy to see this continued too!
11/3/2020 c1 Guest
This popped up at the top of my and I thought there might be a ch 2? Alas, perhaps a new review caused this, but sadly I don’t see a new chapter. RL, throw your fans a bone sometime soon!
10/15/2020 c1 197Daisyangel
Loved this, will there be more in this collection?
6/2/2020 c1 7IlikebigficsandIcannotlie
Please write more. I’ve reread this and The Waiting Game like five times in the past few weeks. Ughh. It’s what Cordano stories should be. It’s what should have happened in ER.
4/21/2020 c1 153Stargate-Lover-Steph
I love this, great sequel to The Waiting Game. Hope you write more soon.
11/30/2019 c1 seascapephil
Great continuation from "The Waiting Game". I'm eager to read more of your take on these two characters.
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