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for Renegade Sentai Zokuger

12/22/2019 c16 12guncannon109
Honestly, this might be your best work yet.
3/6/2019 c1 guncannon109
Okay... Where shall we begin? How about that being awesome! You have done alot to infer where these three rangers have come from based on their introductions which I am sure will be touched on in later chapters. Namely, I will touch on Kayle and Aria, which I say Aria's story arch of bettering herself has me immediately invested. Honestly shed a few tears when she attempted to speak to the others students only for them to not notice her and walk away. Ouch. Also, Parker immediately flirting with her brought a smile to my face and had me in stitches.

Not much else to say other than I'm hyped for the next fight, Thanatos is a great big bad, and I'm curious to know the details of Kayla previously having a gun similar to her weapon as a ranger. Then again there is a lot that has me interested in that girl.

10/10. Would reccomend.

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