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for The silent hero: Deku the Mime

7/30 c16 Anthurs Runeseeker
Had a thought when reading this but have u considered doing an Omake with a person with Toon Force in this with on villain's side u have a Gamer quirk the Gamer pisses off the Toon Force user and as such Toon Force goes and grabs his Bag where he hunts for the MASK(1994 Movie) while discarding other stuff that makes the Gamer shit his pants but goes oh Shit when he Sees the MASK and just goes No Dont put that on.
6/14 c10 deltaplays
it's stupid how much I love this, I'm so Ganna read anything you post it it like this
4/22 c1 jimmy.oz
I actually like your one with nejire and izuku. this seems interesting and funny as well though. needs updates though.
4/19 c23 Stg. Oddball
I really couldn't stop laughing
4/3 c1 TyTylerBarela100
great chapter can't to see this going
2/11 c23 El
This story never gets old - it's the funniest thing I've ever read! Besides a few grammatical errors, I bow to you creativity and use of rather ridiculous situations to bring out the best in our - sorry, Kendo's dumb mime- boy.
2/5 c23 Rubberization
Five seconds shino lmfao
1/30 c23 6Alpenwolf
Thats the most amusing story I have read in a while, so thanks for the laughs.
1/26 c23 Blodesheim
I'm gonna be honest. this is by far one of the best fics I have read to date. it had me laughing quite a bit. I do sincerely hope you continue this all the way.
12/18/2022 c23 Guest
I love it and can't wait for next part
12/18/2022 c14 Guest
I love this Inko lol
12/15/2022 c15 NovaKush
Good Lord I love that Mimey kenta hug scene it kills me every time
12/15/2022 c2 NovaKush
this is the second time I'm going to listen to this entire story I'm using the app and I regret nothing
11/7/2022 c23 carneyjarred
wow hahaha that was so go hey you should do a parallel story where izuku is a circus clown kinda like ronald from the wacky adventures of ronald mcdonald and izuku is paired with momo and then evntually have a what is esseciatily a movie crossover between the two.
10/29/2022 c10 4Greatazuredragon
This is a higly entertaining story, great work.
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