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for America's Point of View World War One

3/8/2019 c1 4Raven the Dragon
Most of the potential this has is somewhat clouded by the fact that the US didn't actually join World War 1 just or even mostly because of the Lusitania. While that and Germany instigating Mexico were definitely factors, we didn't go to war until two years after the ship sunk. We really went to war because of economic investment. Countries like Britain and France owed America a hefty chunk of change in debts, and if they lost the war, odds were slim of us being paid back.
I'm not saying you can't depict America as justifying going to war with the Lusitania. However, this feels very shallow and like history was only vaguely looked at before writing this. A one-sided depiction of history is a dangerous thing.
Also, I wouldn't include a word like "linebreak" in the fic. It takes the reader out of the narrative.
This story has potential, and I'm always happy to see more Nationverse stories. This one just needs some work before it can reach its full potential.

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