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for A Wolf Among Chocobros

23h c15 Titann
Aww what a cliffhanger! But I'm loving the story though haha. I didn't expected Zack to be hereee, will wait for the next chapter! Keep it up and thank you! 3
9/27 c15 11AlexNameless
Zack's here now i'm so excited to read the next chapter!
9/24 c15 1Sakihinata
Aw man, that's an awful cliffhanger!

Thanks for sharing your newest chapter!
9/24 c15 1TheRandomArtFur
Must be confusing the shiet out of Cloud tho...

Tis a good chapter and I wait for more :D
9/23 c15 poppykiller
:D you're right, that is quite the cliffhanger! I can't wait to read more!
9/23 c15 Dark Mystique
Noooooooo I need moooorrree! please update soon
9/23 c15 MyaChanUwU
-scream like a bitch-
9/23 c15 2Vein Bloodborne
Well, at the very least things will be interesting next chapter.
9/22 c15 6Jebest4781
this was quite good here
9/22 c15 107Scififan33
so Zack managed to come join him, poor shocked Cloud. loved the visit to the chocobos
9/22 c14 5Triforce Dragons
I still like this a lot. Can't wait to read more!
9/21 c14 Nicole Marie Nacu
Long way to the fresh start, eh?
9/19 c14 107Scififan33
Love seeing the guys fighting Cloud into their group. Interesting to see Cloud's thoughts on the similarities and differences between words too.
9/19 c14 1Sakihinata
9/19 c14 6Jebest4781
well this was quite nice
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