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for A Wolf Among Chocobros

4/6 c17 barut12717
please update this
3/1 c17 18Miss Margarita
I read this all in one go, really enjoying the dynamic of Cloud and the Chocobros. Adding Zack was a brilliant move as well. Can't wait for the next chapter.
1/19 c17 BlitzNeutral69
to bad the others from cloud world cant join, would like to see how noctis group react to them. XD
1/11 c17 Guest
I expect Cloud to say "Let's mosey!"
1/1 c17 Kairitrion Cerulean
Just wait till you see him put it together into one big sword boiis X3

From the bros view, that motorcycle musta looked outdated ish but still frikin cool.
Quick note tho, niffleheim invented cars and shit, but insomnia developped cars after acquiring the tech from the niffs to look luxurious and modern over time.
1/1 c17 Etro champion
I'm actually enjoying this crossover nicely done by the way where do you see the story going I mean how do you say the story ending the story is nicely done it has amazing potential happy New Years by the way thank you for the rest of the story how many chapters are you planning to make this to
1/1 c17 Vi-00
Just started exploring the ff fanfics only to realize that they’re very... small in comparison to the big franchise. I am really interested in the world’s of ff but there are almost no fanfics that can satisfy my urge ;—; and the rest were written more than 5 years ago xd so like no hope of good, new stuff that are unique and interesting. Your fanfic is absolutely wonderful! I love every second of reading it and had to look at the last update, wondering how old this ff is. But to my surprise it is baby new and you’re still here 333 thank you for the amazing experience and serotonin 3333
1/1 c17 CallmeCrazylol
Zack is such a ball of sunshine. His positivity will even affect someone who just woke up, checked their mail, saw the notification, and decided to read in a half awake state. Cause, that's what happened to me.
12/31/2020 c17 5Triforce Dragons
Cloud has his motorcycle! That's great! Also happy new year.
12/31/2020 c17 1Sakihinata
Thanks for the update!
Happy New Year ;)
12/31/2020 c17 waytodawn0
Yes Cloud got the fusion sword and his bike back. I love it!
12/31/2020 c17 2Vein Bloodborne
Fenrir is back, and so is the Fusion Sword! Now things are going to be a lot easier for Noctis and the gang.

Keep up the good work and stay safe.

12/4/2020 c16 Etro champion
I like the story I like what you did with it but may I suggest an idea if you stuck want to play the Final Fantasy 7 remake for inspirations I didn't life I play Final Fantasy 15 again or watch a playthrough on the internet I look forward to seeing more that's I like what you did should have one more join them and that would be Tifa
11/26/2020 c16 5Triforce Dragons
Zack! My favourite!
11/20/2020 c16 Titan
You're backk aaaa, and thanks for the update! I really love this kind of story haha 3
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