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for A Wolf Among Chocobros

5/28 c11 Titan
Ahh you updated! Finally! I really love it, thank you so much for updating! Actually I can't wait for the next chapter but take your time! Stay safe and healthy!
5/27 c11 103Scififan33
I guess his id would look different to the local varieties. Poor suspicious Cor probably wants to slap his newest King on the head for trusting a stranger so quickly considering the attack on the city and stuff. good work
5/26 c11 Kairitrion Cerulean
Quite a few typos near the end there.

I think you wrote him fine, though the way cor talks seems off for me somehow, can't put my finger on it though.
5/26 c11 6Jebest4781
well this was quite good
5/26 c11 kerrowe
Cor seems reasonable. Think you did him alright. I mean best other reference for his character would be Episode Gladious or his extra scenes in the Royal edition.
5/26 c11 2Vein Bloodborne
Interesting chapter, you got Cor quite well. I've been given the ok to adopt a RWB/FFXV story and I believe that you can help me with it.

PM me if it catches your interest.
5/18 c10 poppykiller
I think it would be cool if Zack appeared like, as a summon or something.
5/12 c10 9tmart.x13
I liked the chapter here that you managed to do. There was a lot of good points to be taken through it as well. Seeing the story of the chocobros start to move forward quite nicely, and it's neat being able to see the story unfold from a third party perspective that is not the player character. Though in a way I guess Cloud is representing said player. Him being there really makes for some good future talks to maybe come up at some point. I'm hoping that we are able to see those conversations happen and they are able to compare their worlds some more. Ready to see what happens next. Great chapter!
5/10 c10 M1stymix
well the advise i could give you would be what kind of role will cloud be will he be the protagonist of your story along with noctis in a duo type of thin or will he be more of a support character where cloud guides noctis thru their adventures.
4/26 c10 4gold crown dragon
wonder how the summon actualy worked in the world of FF XV.
4/24 c10 GuestCloud
1: Welcome back and as usual, the chapter was great. I hope the rest will be as well.

2 : A small suggestion, try making the chapters as long as a whole chapter of the game's chapters but without the side quests, just the main story.
4/22 c10 spartan-140
welcome back, your way of writing Cloud fits, youre not force writing him into situations or events that otherwise wouldn't really make an impact, all i can think of is extra dialouge from Cor asking about Clouds ID and relationship to the boys in black.
4/20 c10 Guest
1. I wonder if Cloud would get a Sephiroth-like vibe if he ever meets Ardyn and an Aerith-like vibe if he ever meets Lunafreya?

2. I hope Cloud does get to tell Noctis and the others his story because I'd like to see how they would react to various things like the Cetra, Sephiroth, Meteor, and everything else.
4/20 c10 12Lilif3r19
Good chapter. Keep up the good work.
4/19 c10 Coppenhawg
I don't expect you to upload really! I'm glad that this fanfic is still going. Don't push yourself too hard, stay healthy, I hope this fanfic will keep continue!
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