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for A Wolf Among Chocobros

4/18 c10 2Vein Bloodborne
Glad to see that you're updating again.

Finished the latest update for my own story yesterday, you can give it a go if you'd like.
4/18 c10 1SpiritTrainer
no pressure. it's always nice to read new stories and just sit on an idea and think it out. i like your story so far. keep it up. unfortunately i havent really gotten to know cloud as a character as i never played the original ff7. i'm gonna play the remake soon and i only know basic stuff about him and from playing kingdom hearts. i have just finished ff15 though so i know that much at least.
3/9 c9 Guest
Not bad so far.
Feels like it won't be a shoehorn when it gets fully established in the end...
I sense an alternate ending to this game.
2/26 c9 9tmart.x13
This chapter was a really good campfire gathering here. It makes a lot of sense that they would be able to stop and talk for a good while, since they did that quite a bit in the actual game as well. Of course, Cloud being there brought about some more interesting and funny topics of course. I enjoyed the conversation about Cloud and Prompto looking similar to each other, and I figured that would come up at some point. After all, the comparisons are already out there IRL. Haha! I'm glad that you thought of adding the comments about them each looking like a part of a chocobo though. I had some good laughs when I was reading through that part.

But just about as interesting was the comparison that was being made by Cloud to the others there. He even was remembering Zack and how Prompto's upbeat demeanor was like it, and I thought that was a sweet point there. Though, the comparison to Noctis was also funny. I've always said that because of how they looked, Noctis was like an emo version of Zack. And I guess Cloud feels the same way in a sense. Lol

One thing that I was not expecting though is them talking about Cloud's eyes, and then even getting into Cloud talking about him being part of the SOLDIER program. Glad to see that the guys are starting to bond a bit more and getting to know Cloud more as well. The reaction to his age as well was quite funny too. The bros being surprised by it all was the best part. But Ignis of course ended the night, but I wanna know if they will continue with the story later on about Cloud. That would be rather interesting to see how you write Cloud's story and the reactions to the rest of it.

Very nice detour though, and I enjoyed every bit of it. I'm ready to see what you do next!
2/25 c9 5Triforce Dragons
Just wait till Cloud has a Limit Break.
2/9 c9 Guest
I love this fanfic! Please update soon!
2/5 c9 2Kyricu5 knight7
Oh wow, I did not expect that. I wonder how they'll react to Cloud being an experiment (hate that word, stupid Hojo). I bet they'll be like oh my and become angry on Cloud's behalf. Anyways love the story and can't wait to see what happens in the next chapter
2/4 c9 1August D. Hellsing
You could have Aerith and Zack contact Tifa or someone on Midgard and have them send Fenrir and the Fusion Sword through the pond. After all, there is only so much room in the Regalia and there are canonical instances when all 5 seats are taken, but with Cloud there, there will be six people in a car with 5 seats.
2/4 c9 105Scififan33
Good chapter! the talk about their hair and chocobos was amusing. Glad Cloud was able to explain that much of his past and that Iggy spoke up about his eyes. if he tells more of his story it'd be good for him and it'll maybe help Prompto deal better when he finds out what he is, unless Cloud's presence changes events enough that he doesn't end up in Ardyn's hands. Wonder how his being there will change things as the story progresses, like events in Altissia?
2/4 c9 6Jebest4781
well this was good
2/4 c9 kerrowe
Guess the life story can be told during the car rides, from all the things they could end up doing.
2/4 c9 Kairitrion Cerulean
After hearing they're the same age, Gladio will so wake up nocht in the morning for a spar lol. Like he makes noctis run on the beach in early morning etc.

"and to put it simply, there was once a cooperation that had soldiers infused with the energ"
You mean corporation, i just had to point it out, seeing the typo made me cringe XD

Zack and noctis hardly look the same to me at first glance, but cloud and prompto do kinda look alike.
1/25 c8 YunaCold
I arrived a little late hehe "Happy New Year" 2020. I liked that they put Aerith and Zack. You could have Zack give the Buster sword to Cloud. Or that Cloud finds it or something. As you want :) I love your story. You're the best. :D
12/20/2019 c8 Lev
I lowkey want Zack to be a puppy, or as chocobo also great. Thought once each time Noctis and the other get inside the thomb of the royals, what if Aerith and Zack can appear there?

Actually, nah, nvm. Let Zack become a hunting dog or a chocobo, dammit!

This story is great, cannot wait for the next chapter! Good luck~!
12/20/2019 c8 9tmart.x13
OH my gosh this chapter! AHHHHHHH! I totally never expected anything like this to happen in the story at all, but this is for sure my new favorite part of it. I'm so glad that you decided to include Zack and Aerith in the story actually, and how you've detailed them showing up and viewing things I believe makes good sense in the context of the story that's been laid out at least. I could honestly sit here and gush over how well done you made the interaction between Zack and Aerith, and how they are just so lovey dovey with each other too. Even though this chapter is short, there is so much that I can say.

Like, Zack acted perfectly though. He wasn't really completely serious about anything, but he was his upbeat and cheery self at least, being the overexcited puppy that we all know him as. Haha. The way that he was acting here ended up going so well with the flow of things, and then Aerith's interactions with him made it all the better. You were able to capture just how well those two work with each other, and how much they compliment each other. It was a good reminder of how good Zack and Aerith are as a couple too, and it was funny cause it almost seemed as though they were watching out over a child or something. Heh. I enjoyed seeing Zack lamenting about not being able to go on many missions with Cloud, as that was something I am sure that even in canon he did wish he was able to have more of. You were able to bring out the closeness that Zack had with Cloud and how much that he longed to be able to see his best friend again. That was one of the best parts of the chapter, of course besides the nice little kiss that you had Zack to give to Aerith (which was just so cute!). Like, I can just keep going on and on about how much that I love what you did here.

I am really hoping that you find a way to include Zack in the story actually. Because the way that you detailed the gods from Eos reaching out to other dimensions or something, and finding the Lifestream from Gaia, it really seems like that they could be seeking help from anyone, living or dead. I'm not sure how you would go about playing it out if you do it, but having the boys back together again would be quite interesting for sure. The one day visit though I think could work possibly, maybe as a favor from the Lifestream to Aerith? I'm not sure, but it would be cool to see.

This chapter was oh so amazing! I look forward to seeing what you do next on this story. XD
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