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for A Wolf Among Chocobros

12/20/2019 c8 darkpit65
Zack will never change
12/20/2019 c8 Kairitrion Cerulean
Zack would totally love getting on a chocobo and race prompto and noct while leaving the others with their dust. I can just picture it now, them just dashing through the marshes in duscae on chocoobo back. Or spending way too much time doing the chocobo race at the wiz's chocobo ranch.

Man if zack shows up they're gonna crowd the poor Regalia even more. If type F was canon i wouldn't be too sure they could keep flying with all of them on :p
12/20/2019 c8 Minxiboo
I just really want Cloud to see Zack. I want to see how he reacts. And if you do go the human Zack route, then I'll be super happy.
12/20/2019 c8 kerrowe
I wonder if they'd have Cloud's signature sword when the walk the planet again. Don't know if anything happened to it however.
An interesting idea, hope you can handle the additional cast too.
12/20/2019 c8 2Vein Bloodborne
Not quite what I was expecting, but it was still quite the moving chapter, and quite the funny one as well.

Keep up the good work and MERRY CHRISTMAS!
12/20/2019 c8 105Scififan33
Zack the chocobo would be hilarious and would be doing crazy stuff to get Cloud to realise it was him as a bird. Soldier enhanced chocobo...scary
12/18/2019 c7 just yuki
Am I the only one that wishing Cloud brought Fenrir and fusion swords to Eos?
12/18/2019 c7 9tmart.x13
I enjoyed reading this chapter quite a lot here. The events that you were able to get to in this chapter were mainly just some good character interactions of course, but I think it's very important to build the characters' relationships with each other. Especially with Cloud tagging along now, he has to have the chance to meet all the FF7 people, and see what is happening. This chapter really did just that too, and I liked how things were a bit tense between all of them on the way to see Cindy there, as it would have been before of course. But I can only imagine that it was more awkward with them having some stranger there like Cloud.

Though, I did quite enjoy the interaction that you had Cindy to have with Cloud there, and of course the rest of the group concerning him as well. It was also quite funny how Noctis was trying to find a reason to explain Cloud to her though, but of course Cindy doesn't mind at all. But also the part with Cid I think was good in that the main parts of what was told was skipped over, because the main focus is on Cloud, so from his POV, that scene made a lot of sense. But of course the comparisons of the Cids! (Since there is a Cid in almost every FF title anyways it's just funny).

Also, I honestly was wondering if Cindy and Cloud were going to get into a convo about vehicles since that is one thing that Cloud enjoys so much. Idk if you are planning for that at some point, but that would be kinda cool to see though maybe at some point in the future. But I did see some discussions on vehicles with the boys anyways. I'm glad that you did touch on Cloud's obsession with vehicles though since that is one of his favorite things. Very good detail there, and something good to note probably for the rest of the party too. The way that was done though was funny with him revealing his max speed on his bike and how it was set up as well. Very good moment.

But also then there were some good funny moments there at the end with them teasing Prompto about him taking pictures. And also the joke of him being useless in the battle. LOL. I am glad that you did that because it just fit and made things so much better. OH yea! And you also touched on how Cloud was able to just store his sword, and the explanation that you gave for that was nice as well. It was a good way to talk about that and how Noctis can just do things subconsciously without even thinking about it.

There is a lot of interesting things that can keep happening for this story for sure. And I am ready to see what you have planned next too. Good chapter, and I am ready for the next.
12/10/2019 c7 21CrazyVanitasFanGirl
I love it! Cloud has like the best interactions with the group ever! I would love to see this continue!
12/7/2019 c4 3doraemax
Aww... tell us the fusion sword follow him in his hammer space. Wanna see the looks on their faces when they see it im action.
12/6/2019 c7 Johkah
Maybe if the car gets too big or if they idle around long enough maybe they could help Cloud and Cid build another bike while they upgrade the Regalia.
Plenty of parts if they scrap the Nifs mechs for parts, or find them or buy them. Hahahaha.
12/6/2019 c7 kerrowe
I mean if you want more ideas... Why not try getting all of the optional Royal Arms before going to Altissia, maybe have some more friendly moments with Cloud and the others throughout the adventures. Like Ignis and Noct's cooking, Gladio and Noct's beach race, maybe even some random team sparring among them too. Also there are the side quests.

If you think you can do it, maybe even go for optional secret layer of dungeons, that were hidden behind the locked metal doors!
As well make some of your own bonding moments with the team! No need to follow everything 1 to 1.
12/6/2019 c5 kerrowe
No need for new clothes. Not like we can see it or that is really needed. Get it for him if he really needs a spare, or if you want to try your description of clothing.
12/6/2019 c4 kerrowe
Really? I thought that pocket-dimension stuff was meant to be Kingsglaive and Kingsguard only.
Royalty bloodline stuff instead of public knowledge. Like it was why Ravus, Aranea and Luna carried their weapons around normally.

It'd make better sense for Cloud to be ONLY able to that if he was inducted personally (Even though possibly temporarily) by Noctis.
If Cloud can do that stuff now he can teleport now too can't he?
12/6/2019 c2 kerrowe
Kinda nice that there were name connections.
Guess the boys were just taking it easy at the beach for now though.
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