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10/29 c72 garbleturkey
I've just read this whole fic in two days, completely neglecting life, that how good it was - kept me hooked. I'm not sure how I have only just found it but I'm glad I have! Such a good story and so creative. Can't wait to read your other works.

However, I think now I need to actually be a human, feed myself and shower.
9/23 c72 25W. L. O'Fallon
Cute, I knew loved the bits of deception. I could imagine Luci doing whatever he could to protect his son. Twisted and epic. I will say I laughed so hard imagining what Harry Potter would do if draco did CPR hahahaha. That was good. Also you made me view Charlie like I never seen him before. Hahaha
9/23 c67 W. L. O'Fallon
Very epic court room drama
7/27 c15 1Slytherinferret0506
Draco morphed into Sheldon Cooper lol.
7/16 c72 CocoVanillaface
Fantastic! Thank you for this journey, truly magnificent character and story development ️
7/9 c40 ChosenInWinter
I liked this story for a while. But at this point the idea that Draco cant find a way to just marry the witch he loves who is pregnant with his baby is just ludacris. I really like some of your origional twists like hermione being from a long lost blood line and the family grimoire.
6/30 c72 2SpSt
this fic was amazing! I was meh about a sex bet with Malfoy, but this story was so so much more.

old magic
pureblood/muggleborn rights and societal roles
power and wealth dynamics
enemies to lovers to soul mates

6/17 c72 delaney.nya
Haha I loved BNW! It was amazing and definitely on my favorites list! I vote for all the stories you have in mind! The all sound so good! And with your writing surely be amazing to read! Never have I cried, laughed, and fallen in love with a character in a story! Especially from a fanfic! Draco from the movies or books never appealed to me before but here...damn.

Love your writing! Keep it up!
5/11 c72 PeculiarNay
This story was amazing
5/2 c72 smmelvin
I binged this story in 2 days! I loved every bit of it. It was the perfect amount of angst and love. I can’t wait to read your other stories!
3/5 c5 1Slytherinferret0506
Mating rituals hahahahaha
2/23 c72 KorealTaylor
Please please write law of the jungle ️
1/10 c72 6bookworm455
A beautiful story.
My heart broke and healed.
12/29/2022 c1 72KyliaQuilor

Awful of Malfoy, but so much fun to read.
12/18/2022 c71 Danipalace
I am sobbing now. This was the best ending. I can’t believe she was able to bring Harry back!
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