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5/2 c23 michaelfmx
Fun little story. Although it’s very hard to imagine Sarah as a goth. Cute though.
4/16 c23 4WillieGarvin
With a screwdriver? Always a badass. Good one.
4/16 c22 WillieGarvin
Another Morgan the hero story. Love the little bearded guy.
4/16 c21 WillieGarvin
Adorable. I love the forward Sarah.
4/16 c20 WillieGarvin
Sarah having Morgan as a friend independent of chuck is brilliant. Thanks for sharing.
4/16 c21 michaelfmx
I'm with Chuck. I can't remember a single time in my life when a cheesy pick up line has worked for me or anybody else I've observed trying it. Glad that Sarah was able to see past it.
4/15 c19 michaelfmx
I liked this one. I wish that Bryce and Jill had seen them together though. That would have been the icing on the cake.
4/15 c18 michaelfmx
So Morgan was behind this whole thing? Tricky little bearded gnome. Wonder if Chuck will ever find out.
4/15 c16 michaelfmx
I got a good laugh out of this one. I really enjoyed Zondra's role in this whole situation, although it could just as well have been Carina. But this whole friends forever and getting their signals crossed thing is so fitting for them in this AU world. This was fun but, not to sound like a broken record, I wanted more of this. Could have been stretched out a bit.
4/15 c19 WillieGarvin
Superb as usual. Thanks
4/15 c18 WillieGarvin
Is it just me, or does Bailey remind anyone of Molly?
4/15 c15 michaelfmx
Fluff is very good. This is one that I would really like to see, some day, expanded out a bit. Doesn't have to be a multi chapter necessarily, but maybe something like the 'Collide' stories that Brickroad did years ago. Just give it a bit more body. Just one reader's opinion.
4/15 c17 WillieGarvin
Right you are. Made no sense. But fun fluff. Thanks.
4/15 c14 michaelfmx
Short and sweet. Loved seeing Sarah get frustrated because her plans kept getting thwarted.
4/15 c13 michaelfmx
Ahhh...this was sweet. Greta little cute-meet. The scene where they destroyed the kitchen was so easy to imagine and I had a great laugh at the Dexter reference, especially funny given Yvonne's role as Hannah McKay. I thought back to the scene in the last season where they were sitting in a hotel room that Dexter had set up as a kill room. Funny, in a twisted way. By the way, as an aside as great as Yvonne was in Chuck, I personally thought that her acting was even better in Dexter. I wish she had been a more permanent part of those last two seasons.
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