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for OTP (One True Pairing) Prompts

5/3 c33 2baldcoder
Nice OTP. I like it.
4/29 c33 ddbadger
This one was fun-always love a Charah get together.
4/28 c33 chucksboxers
Very nice DC!
4/28 c33 tiggerhk
Fun to see Bryce and Carina pulling together for Chuck. As away the banters are wonderful.
4/25 c33 craspon
This was vaguely reminiscent of the WKRP episode where Les asked Jennifer on a date. It works well with Chuck and Sarah.
4/25 c33 11jwatkins
That appendix line was really terrible. Kudos. :) The setup was great, Sarah leading Chuck right where she wanted him. A great bit of advice from Jack. If only it worked that well for the rest of us. :) Thanks for this.
4/25 c33 wilf21
Another nice one
4/24 c33 Guest
Good one DC and I think this is something nobody else has done, so once again you have blazed a new trail with Sarah accepting advice from Jack but that is good for Chuck so thanks for sharing it with us!
4/24 c32 Guest
Sorry if you dont take "requests", but i have had this in my head for a while and cant get it out. Can you have one where they meet at buymore, Sarah's 3 year old drops a bunch of DVDs and they pick them up together but Chuck comes to rescue them and her daughter likes him and takes to him right away. A week later Sarah comes back because (she doesnt want to admit she has a crush) the kid has been crying about visiting "Mr. Chuck" all week, she even drew him pictures.
4/24 c33 22Amelia Wolfson
Aww, I love this one!
4/24 c33 1Ancientgamer
Nice little tale. Chuck trying to figure out how and when to move on after his breakup with Jill. Bryce, Carina, and Sarah are lending him support. Naturally, Bryce's advice is terrible, as is his demonstration of his so-called skills. And, naturally, Sarah's advice is much better, as is her response to Chuck's testing of his own skills. Well, not so much a test, more of a first run. For once, Jack had good advice. Chuck is really, really nervous so he must truly be worth it since it's obvious that they already have something special with each other. The one question I have is: were Bryce and Carina being the way they were and was Bryce using terrible lines in an effort to have Chuck not focus on what line he used, but to focus on the girl? Or were they absolutely being themselves, terrible lines and all? lol. Lots of fun. Thanks for sharing, my friend.
4/24 c33 4WillieGarvin
Red and Larkin are better friends than they are otherwise assumed. This worked out well.
4/24 c33 Vurich23
Another great one. Like they say, father knows best! Thank you sir!
4/24 c33 11fezzywhigg
I love these little stories!
4/24 c33 7Dillwg
Your timing is immaculate as I had just finished bingeing OTP this morning. Who knew that Jack had good advice for Sarah? Although it would be fun to try out Bryce’s line.
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