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for Operation: Darkest Night

4/7 c9 VSX-2018
3 years already. Why have you given up on this awesome story?
3/20 c9 creativename2
It's been two years, this is dead
5/31/2022 c9 Guest
Sharty its been two years we need more book pls
12/17/2021 c1 vandel4089 maker
How will the people of Remnant react to are memes are hate for slavery and when w do find about it in the story (which the story all ready have) you should do a temporary alliance with the WF when they find out abou adam’s SDC bern mark an his face to attack both the SDC and Atlis if you want or give independence to Menagerie and Mantel to show that the people of Earth is better and learning of pass historical mistakes and forgiving more like the ballets of the yin and yang (lock it up plz thx you) so that vengeance/revenge doesn’t exist and have no meaning plz look at are history to get a better story and the people of Remnant fear, respect, understanding, etc you get the drift and plz make Rainbow hate and disrespect wiss racial attitude on the faunus plz and make it funny plz :D
9/18/2021 c9 holandia1103
well i have to say this is far better than i expected, this is similar to that one GateXGhostRecon fic in its quality. i hope you continue working on it my man!
7/7/2021 c9 15BlackRaptor1
Hello there. I have been reading this story for about a day now, I got to say, I love it.

Amber, Oz, Adam, Blake, and the fannus villagers have met Rainbow Six and the US Army Rangers. Other people will soon meet them too. Their operation in Embry has made people in Remnant aware of their presence.

I can't wait to see when British and Russian militaries arrive to help reinforce the US Army and Rainbow Six.

I would love to see Rainbow Six's first hostage rescue operation at the hotel in Vale. If successful, it might make them not only heroes, but potential allies for the four kingdom, and even grander alliance between Remnant and Earth. An alliance with the four kingdoms, the U.N. security council, and NATO.

If you need help or anything at all I am here. I think that for naming the U.N. lead mission in Remnant, it can be called the "United Nations Expedition and Relief Mission for Remnant", or for short the "UNERMR.
6/30/2021 c8 1quma25
BTW Will you upldate this story in the near future? Because I think it is rather awesome, and many other people, including me would be happy, if you released the next chapter.
1/10/2021 c9 quma25
Honestly, this fic is really great.
I can't really explain why I like it, because I am not a professional reviewer, but I think partly because I find the characters relateable. The recruit was a perfect mix of flaws and virtues, and I can certanly see many different ways his character arc can go.

About the guns: Honestly, your power system works well for the story. It give the militaries of Earth a fighting chance againts the grimm, terrorists and bandits, too, but the huntsmen are still something they have to be weary of them. Of course there are a couple of ways they can still kill them. For example, if they fire at them from every direction, they can't possibly dodge all of the maybe they can kill them with a sniper rifle from really far away. A suprise attack using the advantages of modern militar technology would be usefull. Or just use overwhelming fireopower. Or just use a big bomb near them etc.

Side note: You have mentioned in your opinion what is the most common clishé in these stories, so here is mine: In my opinion the biggest "clishé" ( if you even call it that ) in these type of stories is that no matter their background, their age, or which world are they from, someone from the other world will join Beacon academy. Even if they are a war hero in theri 30s from a universe without magic. Strange. I am guessing the reason is that most of the story in Volume 1-2 took place in Beacon, so this is the only way they can reliably interact with the main cast.

Also the fact that Amber is not in coma, I think it also opens up interesting opportunities. She was sadly sidestepped in cannon, so you will have a lot of options with her. Also I wonder what will Cinder's powers will be in this case.

Keep up the good work! I am really looking forward to the next chapter.
12/25/2020 c9 MyrTnaster
Update pls
12/20/2020 c9 Guest
This is amazing! I wish you updated it though. But if you dont want to its fine
12/8/2020 c9 2TauntSup3rs3t24
Are we ever going to get to learn the Recruit's name?

Also, I have a suggestion for one of his weapons. The Beretta ARX-200. Maybe add some attachments to it too.
11/19/2020 c9 Merlion247
. . 。 。 .

. 。 ඞ 。 . • •

゚ Russia was not An Impostor. 。 .

' 1 Impostor remains 。
10/14/2020 c9 Guest
Will the Recruit have a specialty? (Like the other members of RAINBOW, such as Tachanka with his turret or Echo and his drones) And if so, will it be related to aura and semblance? Could be cool to see him being the first Rainbow operator, and thereby the first Earthlander to unlock a semblance. Speaking of that, would be cool to see a bit of the Rainbow member's specialties in combat here (Like Mute using his jammers or Castle using his panels). Great story btw. I teally want to see where it goes.
9/22/2020 c8 Guest
Ya know there’s a nomad in siege right?
9/9/2020 c7 Yin yang ding dang
Fem recruit will join?
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