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9/8/2019 c4 1Gamerman22
It’s time for Rookie to replace his HK-416 to HCAR (High Counter Assault Rifle) it’s almost same as WW-2 BAR fires .30-06, light weight, and heavy firepower the bullets still in the service for civilian, law enforcements and special forces.

The Vale News Network or VNN will definitely get wind of US Army. Oz May needs US Army and Rainbow Six helps.

If White Fangs dare to attack FOB, they are in for surprise, networks of Sniper Nets and A-10s.
9/8/2019 c4 VSX-2018
Looks like RWBY canon is about to be diverge after seeing this chapter.

Here's what I want to see.

1. Amber will not die. Thus, Cinder will never become the new Fall Maiden.

2. The horrible tragedy that happened in later of Volume 3 will not happened. And the people that were meant to die near end of Volume 3, will live. Including Penny and Pyrrha.

3. The rest of Remnant will soon learn about the existence of Rainbow Six, and Earth. The Four Kingdoms will soon wanting to meet the Rainbow Six and they want to learn more about the world they came from, then the establish relationship between Earth and Remnant will soon form.

4. I would like to see Rainbow Six visiting Menagerie. Of course, Sienna Khan will not die, but there will be a challenge between one of Rainbow Six's military officer and Sienna, as Rainbow Six want to gain their trust and show that not all humans are bastards.
9/8/2019 c4 3MaNamaJeff
Damn. At the end of chapter 3, I was sceptic if Rainbow Six is even going to be a match for Raven and her group of bandit and you managed to make a good fight sequence. I like the New One's character development and his mindset. Now, this part might be a nit-pick and is very minor but I have to address some of the dialogue from Glaz. He does not look like the type of person to say "yeah" or "kid", instead he should "yes" or "ребенок/rebenok". Overall, what a nice chapter!
9/8/2019 c4 war90
Good story looking forward to your next chapter.
9/8/2019 c4 2VGBlackwing
best way to keep her safe is probably VIP section of the FOB were it is Heavily guarded and considering she a VIP mostly because they can get Info about remnants at the same time show them their world and history...just a bit mostly keeping the fact of Earth bloody history to Religious wars like the Third Crusade to a tyrant trying to conquer the world that started WW2 and it terrible scars

but in the truest darkness there is light to Joan of arc, Mother Teresa, Gandhi, and Martin Luther king Jr even if they died for what they believed in, they died as Martyrs changing people prospective thinking and made them believe it is wrong of what they are doing and when that happen humanity starts growing sure they might be dickheads in humanity but it a working progress

to the chapter I will say this.
really good idea to make since that Earth physics work since they can't have a Soul barrier that when it breaks you become immobile for a bit that kinda sucks but for the price of their fregliblty they have the ammo and weapon to punch through aura (kinda make sense cause most of Remnants ammunition is basically dust and no gun powder, Sulfer, Nitrite,or Black powder) they have the tech to counter Hacking and cyber warfare and could destroy the virus that screwed over Vale...if they wanted too. they drones and not the RC cameras I mean military Drones that Carries a missile that could punch through any kingdoms wall but they wouldn't because earth people are way smarter then some of Remnants generals...sometimes

another thing that going to be a thorn to Rainbow Operatives are not White fang but mostly Atlas considering they will see them as terrorist and demand them to handover all their military grade equipment (and will call bullshit because their mostly butt hurt when most of Earth tech are basically wayyy better except they don't have Robots like Atlas soldiers and mech but have the fire power and tech for other source of power like tech to send someone to space or nuclear weapons but that one is not a good idea lol) and probably starts some bs fire fight THAT WE ALL KNOW ATLAS IS GOING TO OPEN FIRE FIRST

plus idk if Emerald Illusion semblance considering that earth camera are a little better like you can tell if it fake or not mostly by motion blurs and problems to the CCTV and earth doesn't rely on only camera but Motion sensor, heat singular with Thermal camera because in all honesty Emerald Illusion can't block Thermal camera and motion sensor it only works on normal ones
9/8/2019 c4 7SilverExcel115
It’s alright, grammar needs work though, a good handful of these sentences have trouble gelling together.
9/8/2019 c4 Janny092
9/1/2019 c1 4kokugatsu
I vote "America fuck yeah" with a10s

I'm interested to see where this story goes

-Sincerely Kokugatsu-
8/30/2019 c3 2Rinter215
Any chance Valkyrie and Blackbeard will show? Those two are my favs, hell if Jaune is introduced, maybe they can give him a few tips. Just a personal wish
8/29/2019 c3 6LTBECK
i vote "America Fuck Yea" with A-10s
8/28/2019 c3 Mistersnx
This was lovely to see
8/28/2019 c3 Janny092
This story is bloody good please update more in the future
8/26/2019 c3 TorstenL
Great story so far!
Hope you update soon!
8/16/2019 c3 1TopHatGuy
Cool story, just a couple things. The army doesn’t use LAVs, they use Strykers which arguably will be having a auto cannon variant anyways. Only the USMC uses LAVs. Also I like how you’re actually using stuff from the Jack Ryan universe which is a nice change for once. Lmao and also tachanka saying they were lucky for his machine gun when there’s like a shirt on of rangers with M240s and M249s.
8/4/2019 c3 Requirement
Pairing is not a requirement for stories to exist
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