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for Operation: Darkest Night

3/21/2019 c1 blue recruit
please update i think this is vary clever!
3/21/2019 c1 PapaScorch
I am enjoying the story even in it's first chapter. i also like how you r using Harry as six and not the old one. keep it up
3/20/2019 c1 memer
uploaf please
3/19/2019 c1 carl
ok ok this is pretty cool
3/17/2019 c1 Frosty Boi
I like what I see already. Can't wait for more chapters of this.
3/15/2019 c1 sam
3/15/2019 c1 clog
Hell YAAAAAAAAA! I've been waiting for a new story like this! please keep this up! also we have any special Gadgets in the future?or will he be put into the special group?or really get a name? who knows!? KEAP IT UP BUD
3/12/2019 c1 Ghost
Love the story
3/11/2019 c1 LogicalWriter
Neat, I’ll be following this story since I like the concept. My only request is that you give the US Army a chance to kick some ass. Good luck writing this.
3/10/2019 c1 Hoxworth
ima just say this is some real good shit I'm already hyped for the next chapter keep doing what you're doing
3/8/2019 c1 Guest
How the hell did that happen? The only one's that could have had the power to do something like that would the Brother Gods as Salem couldn't be that powerful to open a gateway and Ozma/Ozpin magic is weak from all the reincarnations but the gods left Remnant so they couldn't have been the one's to do that. Looking forward for answers.
3/8/2019 c1 1Mr. Mahan
Please improve your grammar
3/8/2019 c1 Guest no.5
The hype is real! would Glaz rival Ruby in a sniper rifle accuracy contest? I would like to see that due to the humor it could show.
3/8/2019 c1 18kpmh2001
You certainly have my attention, looking forward to see how this goes. I'm surprised you didn't use any of the DLC operators, but you always do have the option to use them later should you see fit.

One last thing I wanted to point out about RWBY was the Kingdom's aren't actually monarchies, apparently their governed by elected councils, so it's more of something like the U.K has without the house of lords or the monarchy, hope that helps.

Big fan of your other story, looking forward to see where this one goes.
3/8/2019 c1 Jaden28403
Awesome fanfic
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