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9/9/2020 c7 Yin yang ding dang
Fem recruit will join?
9/2/2020 c9 XiHeng
Shit just REAL, on a serious note, great chapter and I;ll be waiting for the nest one!
7/30/2020 c9 Lordbuckethead134
Hello, my review is quite late, but seeing how you like ace combat (Which is awesome!) why don’t you use some of the planes native from ace combat like a X-02, ADFX-01, or CFA-44? Also I really enjoy the story so far, can’t wait for the next one!
7/29/2020 c9 18Wombag1786
Huh, neat. Sorry for taking so long with the review. I was busy.

Huh, so Rockie has a crush on Blake. Weiss is held hostage. And we will be seeing Rainbow in action. Looking forward to it.
7/22/2020 c9 1Peter HK
That is amazing! Also like u included The Domination novel and some lines from Ghost Recon Wildlands! Which I had to admit, without Skell Technology (2019AD version), there won't be a Clancyverse that merges Ghost Recon, Rainbow and Splinter Cell.
So I hope we can see how Skell Tech's products outclasses every Remnant "tech" in the future.
7/22/2020 c9 MagicalCatgirl68
One thing for certain. I'm curious about will the bumblebee ship happen ? Definitely need Blake to help she can get into the mindset of the white gang better than most and her clone skill would be of interesting use here. MC needs to see that and Weiss shouldn't be seen overly racist a lot more so after her rescue but I would have ruby come across as bit of a child same time finding herself wanting to be trained by rainbow. These are just some thoughts . oh and don't forget some cookies
7/22/2020 c9 scottusa1
Good chapter.

Did I really make that mistake concerning my second point from my last review? I'll have to re-read that chapter again and see how I came to that conclusion.

Not much else to say but good work.

Keep it up. Laters.
7/22/2020 c9 11Amatsu Kagaseo
Hot damn, R6, Ghost Racon and now HAWX?! What's next, Sam-freaking-Fisher?
7/22/2020 c9 1TopHatGuy
That feeling when yet another writer has fallen prey to the classic mistake in writing fighter pilots.

The call signs are actually cool.

Just search up real call signs and you’ll figure what I’m talking about.

Also if you’re chilling in the f35b, then your boys ain’t getting into a dogfight. There’s no internal cannon, and it can only carry four AMRAAMs in the internal bays.

Ah yes, Time for thé romance plot to spiral into a love triangle and completely derail the story. Kappa.
7/22/2020 c9 Guest
7/22/2020 c9 Mememisery
10/10 needs more tachanka memes
7/22/2020 c9 Shashenka
Thanks for putting in the time and effort into writing this thus far I've really enjoyed it! Also regarding Amber and Winter it depends on how what you want in my opinion. Winter would make the Recruit get drawn more into Remanent politics and issues while Amber wouldn't do that as much from what I can tell. Both are good choices though!
7/22/2020 c9 22edboy4926
Good chapter.
7/22/2020 c9 1Gamerman22
OH-6 is a best option to rescue Weiss in The Hotel plus it’s quiet, Use roof, with proved of sniper supports. Sniper with good Cal, and use TDI Vector and MP-7 Submachine gun with silencers, same M-4 too but with under barrels shotguns, semi auto shotgun, and use one Riot bulletproof shield, flash bang or sound bang (it’s very loud side effects that the Faunus hates it, even nerds at R&D have study the book of Remmant and develop countermeasures). Last but not least, cyber warfare and jammers called Jojack (can block and jam all kind of cellphones and table phones at least few hundreds feet, look it up, called portable jammer) to block White Fang’s communicate and using hotel cameras to see inside of what’s happening. Wear a mask to protect their identity and faces and capture at least one White Fang for information. I hope that’ll helps. If need, check out rainbow six on YouTube to give you insight ideas about the rescue.
7/22/2020 c9 80Perseus12
I pray they (Team RAINBOW) rescue the hostages from the White Fang terrorists. I wonder the reaction of Salem and her Inner Circle of the newcomers from Earth?
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