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for Wrapped around prom-ises

3/17/2019 c1 4Gideoncrawle
The #MeToo movement has rendered sympathetic portrayals of this pairing inherently illegitimate in any scenario that holds any prospect of Courtney competing in another season with Chris as host. Do you have enough sympathy for the suffering of those women to stop writing this type of Chrisney story? If not, why not?

Courtney isn’t even legal for Chris with the setup you’ve given this story. Although Canada’s base Age of Consent is 16 (as you’re so fond of pointing out) it’s 18 if the older partner is in “a position of trust or authority” over the younger, as Chris would unquestionably be over Courtney if she’s living at the Playa with the expectation of competing in another season. And here’s the thing about statutory rape: what Courtney wants DOESN’T COUNT, because she’s not considered legally competent to give consent. Even if she’s an enthusiastic participant—even if she’s the aggressor— it would be no different in the eyes of the law than if Chris had held a knife to her throat.

I happen to know that you’re aware of this; and with the setup of a high school prom, it would have been just as easy and just as logical to say Courtney was 18. Yet you deliberately made her underage, and by extension deliberately chose to depict Chris as a sexual predator—especially since the story implies he has no sincere feelings for Courtney and views their relationship as purely physical. Yet you portray this predatory relationship as somehow romantic. And no, other writers giving Chris equally suspect pairings with other campers (most notably Lindsay) is no excuse.

Normally, I would have sent you a PM with these concerns (“praise publicly, criticize privately”), but I’ve seen you deliberately spreading disinformation about Age of Consent laws (on the Reviews page of “Dear Fanfiction Writers” by SideshowJazz1) and that justifies calling you out publicly.
3/8/2019 c1 Guest
Oh great it's you again.
Now everytime someone goes to this section of the site it's just gonna be 20 stories of yours on the first page. Great.
3/8/2019 c1 25Pepe's Red-Eyed Cousin
That was hilarious. I like how Chris never listens to people on the phone and how he and Courtney bicker and make up. I also liked the twist where Courtney uses the prom to boost her and Chris’s publicity rather than as an actual date and saved the really fun stuff for afterwards. I wonder how Courtney’s parents feel about this - they probably thinks it’s okay because Chris has money or something? Anyway, well done as always!
3/8/2019 c1 493UltimateWarriorFan4Ever
Damn, looks like Chris is getting laid tonight! That's sure to make Courtney the most popular chick out of any prom for sure. And to think dating a contestant that's Courtney's age was bad enough for Chris to begin with. It definitely worked in the end for him.

Nice to see a fresh Chrisney fic coming from you in a while. Definitely keeps me coming for more.

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