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4/21/2023 c22 gigijane
J’espère que vous continuez à écrire car vous avez du talent. En tout cas j’adore vos histoires!
11/4/2022 c22 moodyval
Wonderful sweet story! I had read the prequel years ago and just reread it again a few days ago. This was my first time reading this story. Thanks for writing!
9/15/2021 c22 BrightStar
This series was gorgeous and amazing. Well done!
8/24/2021 c22 Kuwpp2
Way to go Kitty! Kitty standing up to Lady Catherine on behalf of Georgiana was awesome. Kitty really stood out in your stories. I liked the relationship she had built with Richard and Georgiana. The ending with everyone sitting around was simple a sweet.
Wow! I can't believe you just started writing. I enjoyed both Pride and Prejudice stories and your North and South story. Keep it up, there's no turning back now. I look forward to reading more of your stories.
8/24/2021 c20 Kuwpp2
I'm surprised that Elizabeth, and now Richard, wasn't upset that Georgiana was creeping with a tenant for months. Georgiana received not one reprimand for her actions, it was all directed towards Darcy. Georgiana comes across smelling like roses and can do no wrong. I would have ignored it if all the blame didn't shift Darcy's way.
I feel like I need to state again that I do like the story.
8/24/2021 c19 Kuwpp2
I'm glad Darcy and Nathaniel was able to talk.
8/24/2021 c17 Kuwpp2
Unfortunately, Darcy will take the blame for Georgiana's poor decision making and everything will be his fault. I like Georgiana but she doesn't always make the best decisions when left to her own device and no one will speak against what she has done. Sneaking or running away wasn't the wisest move. She still has a lot of growing up to do.
8/24/2021 c16 Kuwpp2
I can understand Darcy's reaction and I don't blame him. Darcy discovered this affair by accident (like he did with Wickham and Georgiana.) Nathaniel may not be Wickham, but Nathaniel wasn't man enough to go to Darcy and talk to him man to man. Instead, he met Georgiana in secret on Pemberley's grounds, and made plans (honorable) for Georgiana's future with no intent on telling Darcy until years later. I would feel betrayed. This is now the second time Georgiana carried on a secret affair behind Darcy's back. Don't get me wrong I like Nathaniel and Georgiana, but even I thought it would be a stretch for them to be together and thought Georgiana and/or Nathaniel would end up marrying someone else in the future. During the Regency period I would think Georgiana marrying Nathaniel would be equivalent to one if the Bennet daughters marrying the butcher. This is not a critique. I'm enjoying the story. I'm just saying I can understand why Darcy feels they way he does. Give him time to adjust to the shock, the secrecy and betrayal by both parties, and the disappointment.
8/24/2021 c15 Kuwpp2
Oh no! I knew if anyone was to discover them it would be Darcy. Yikes!
8/23/2021 c12 Kuwpp2
The nephew got off easy. Enjoyed the chapter.
8/23/2021 c11 Kuwpp2
Lol, the courtroom scene was unrealistic, but I enjoyed reading it.
8/23/2021 c8 Kuwpp2
I thought the reason Lord Farley married Anne was because his family were in need of Anne's finances. That should benefit the Fitzwilliams. At the same time, I would think that Anne had the right to leave her child with the person of her choice if the other parent was gone, nor would that person be obligated by law to make sure Cathy stays in contact with the Farleys side if the family.
8/23/2021 c7 Kuwpp2
Oh Georgiana, I don't think this is going to end well.
3/6/2021 c22 Elias7
Thank you for two amazing stories! I just became associated with FanFiction during the COVID lockdown. I am a Big Pride and Prejudice fan, this Love story is one of the Best! Your two stories (Life at Pemberley and Sunshine and Shadows) have become two of my favorites and will be read over and over again! I look forward to reading more of your work. All the best!
2/25/2021 c22 hxddenlxght
The last line stole my heart..."How are you this evening Mrs. Darcy?" is wy better than "How are you this evening Miss. Bennet?"
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