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11/25/2020 c1 12The Ghostly Minion
This is a one-shot, but it needs to be more! Please consider it.

11/16/2020 c1 mumphie
Oh man - why? This is so good. It needs more!
11/11/2020 c1 Critical reader
If that's not a teaser, I don't know what is. An continuation would be nice, but at the same time, I fear it would detract from the idea. There's so much to imagine, and a sequel can but follow a few ideas. Perhaps it is for the best if any continuation is left to the imagination of the readers.
10/26/2020 c1 BillBrink
Thanks. Enjoyed it.
10/22/2020 c1 amritasrivastava03
Why? Why would you do this? There are very few good time travel stories, and fewer with Sirius in a prominent role! And you just stopped at a teaser?
10/18/2020 c1 rubyred753
Enjoyable one-shot? Yes, definitely. I would love to
10/10/2020 c1 Pauba
OMG! I need more of this.
10/7/2020 c1 melferd
I loved this. The only thing wrong is I want more! Moar stories pleez o
10/5/2020 c1 Mvelez91
Not bad. Has potential to become a longer story.
9/13/2020 c1 S
Ooh, what an enticing one shot. Yep, as with many others, my wish and hope is that you continue it one day. Thanks!
9/6/2020 c1 Guest
This one shot is really good but it would have been amazing as a full on story, just think about it
8/26/2020 c1 Silky Button
ooh! I like this!
8/10/2020 c1 Bobs-Me-Uncle
I really hope you eventually turn this into a full fledged story.
7/26/2020 c1 25stevem1
I like this one shot.
7/18/2020 c1 2LilithL2
This is too good not to continue! Congrats! You are an amazing author that engages your readers and make them want for more!
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