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for Reading: Deck of Heroes

11/14/2020 c1 XXX777
I really hope you continue this story.
8/5/2020 c5 123ABIR123
Is this fic dead? You should continue writing it
7/7/2020 c5 469foxgrl
Hi Duskrider! I am greatly enjoying this fanfic of yours and can't qait for you to pick it up again someday.
It's going to be interesting to read everyone's reaction to Jaune's 'coffin-wagon' that he had as a kid or his show down with Medb.
Take care of yourself!
4/25/2020 c1 Guest
Tu muy bien jinete
3/26/2020 c5 RedDemonEye
I'm really enjoying this I hope it continues one day you I'm sure I and a lot of people would love it to anyway keep up the good work and like always have a nice day.
3/15/2020 c5 4warrior of six blades
Well, this was an interesting chapter to check, surprised I never reviewed sooner and HOLY SHIT YOU DESERVE A REWARD FOR WRITING ALL THAT INFORMATION ABOUT HEROIC SPIRITS IN THE END! Gods above this shit is LONG!

Now for the review of what caught my attention. I must say it was cute how Penny was taking in her other self's experience with Jaune, even when being comforted by Ruby through the bad parts like the nightmare and her lack of a childhood.

Pyrrha is finding herself hating Bleiss more and more as this continues, funny she will find someone she will hate MORE later on in this story that tried having her way with Jaune...as will Ruby and Penny once they learn of THAT Rider.

Back on track, Jaune and his sister really had a nasty spat of family and she really almost destroyed whatever bond she had with her brother saying he was weak like that. Honestly, if it was me I don't know what I would have done between just leaving and ignoring their pleas or staying to give them ONE final chance to choose their words carefully before I left.

Everyone reacted understandably to both this tricky situation Terra faced and the news of him being a premature born baby and how it affected his childhood. I can see why they're so scared for him, but it was still messed up they tried to deny his dream like they did. There is no right or wrong here, it's just a nasty gray side of things that Terra is lucky played out as well as it did between her alternate and Jaune's alternate.

When Penny had that nightmare, I would admit to being ready to try necromancy when in private JUST to make the bastard suffer for causing such fear in her heart. Oh, I forgot to mention I enjoyed seeing Ironwood and everyone's reaction to alternate James Ironwood saying he would have killed the bastard himself, as well as asking if Ozpin had spiked his coffee again.

It's nice to see how Saber, Shirou, Rin, and Sakura all react to Mordred telling Jaune about her...past some and seeing how Mordred and Jaune resolve to move forward together, with Mordred serving Jaune as his servant in a...I guess more closer way? Like a proud ally who is strengthening the bond between the himself and his close comrade? I don't know how else to say it.

Saber has good reasons to feel mixed when it comes to Mordred, but still has hope Jaune can help Mordred find some happiness and peace about things. While being supported by Shirou and his harem.

Also, I loved that talk of Dusk and Rider representing Order and Chaos, Stagnation and Change, Organization and Disorganization. All of it having ups and downs, but neither is perfect. Humanity is not perfect and never will be, but that is what makes it beautiful. Life is hard, we aren't perfect, but we should always keep moving forward and never give up. No Matter What.
11/9/2019 c2 Guest
11/7/2019 c3 2dragoon109
ok am not sure where to start on the review.

First i take this is a bit of a parody. Otherwise there is alot wrong with the reactions. After all Rin, who is a bitch, knows what the multiverse means. That said she would state that the people they are watching are only possibilities and not them.

Next hate on humanity is very flawed. Why? Because of what multiverse means! They are not the same beings! They are not the same Standards! You can not compare in the way he is trying.
11/7/2019 c2 dragoon109
Question. Why use this sakura? When I played the fan translated version of fate. Medusa pity shinjy as did sakura. Sakura raped shinji bc of her nerves system and the experiment done on her.

Also shinji did not rape sakura at the hospital. That is from the blade route. Sakura stops going to shirou at that point.
10/3/2019 c5 1FighterPlaneAce
Honestly looking forward for the next chapter. Especially the part where they find see Jack and how she interacts with Salem, Ozpin most of all.
9/23/2019 c5 Guest
It would be interesting to see the RWBY cast react to the Gudas (and no the Riyo version although that would be funny) seeing a mediocre mage save humanity and have an army of servants at their Nasuverse cast wouldn’t have an extreme reaction since Shirou is similar in a way, but to a lesser extent.

P.S. Kinda wished you depicted some BrynxJalter
9/1/2019 c5 Theelderdragon321
Do you plan to update soon?
8/20/2019 c5 4OneTrueGeekIAm
Eagerly awaiting the next chapter
8/5/2019 c5 Guest
It would be interesting if other characters from the Fate series added. However, it might be difficult for you to manage that many characters and I don't want you to be overwhelmed by the number of characters you need to manage because of my suggestion.
7/21/2019 c5 freeforall546
i love this story! and bleiss
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