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14h c17 31Mmisery
I'm loving this story! It's a strange knowing someone like Shawn is going thru so much pain and I wonder how these two will fair during their date and protective dad Henry is the best. I hope you continue soon :D
9/2 c15 vishakhashankar

Lassiter had the entire day to stew on the kiss...

What is he going to say
8/6 c14 vishakhashankar
"Impossible, he never blushed. Carlton Lassiter was not a blusher. Absolutely not."
This was so cute and sweet
And tbh just the fluff this story needed after so much sadness

I just hope Carlton doesn't go into a shell now

Nice chapter
7/14 c13 FearlessShawn
You're killing me. Lol! This story is very good. I hope you post again soon :)
7/14 c13 vishakhashankar

Was that a cop!Lassie "where do you think you are going"
Or was that concerned!Lassie "where do you think you are going"

Hoping for the second
7/1 c12 FearlessShawn
I love Carlton chastising Gus! Great job on this chapter. I'm excited to see what happens next! Thank you for posting! :)
6/30 c12 vishakhashankar

Will carlton send him away again
5/24 c11 FearlessShawn
I understand Gus knows how Shawn feels about Carlton and knows why Shawn attempted to kill himself. And of course he's angry and can't take that anger out on Shawn. But why is Gus publicly airing Shawn's business by confronting Lassiter in front of everyone? Like Lassiter said, Shawn is not going to want everyone knowing. It's only going to make what he did harder to deal with. The shame, guilt and embarrassment will only succeed in making him wish he had died.

Poor Gus. His heart is in the right place. But poor Shawn because now Juliet knows too.

I really hope you will post the next chapter soon because this is amazing and, like I said before, very realistic. I'm very excited to read what happens next. :) :) :)
5/23 c11 vishakhashankar
Oh no...

But why is Gus confronting Carlton
And omg Shawn ...

I hope you feel better and Lassie sorts out his feelings soon
5/12 c10 CheshireKitten22
Please continue. I love this so much. It's so well written and believable. The narrative you have written of each character fits them so perfectly; it's just amazing. I can't wait to read what happens next.
3/28 c10 MoonLitReader
This is amazing
3/27 c10 FearlessShawn
Poor Shawn is suffering so much. I hope Gus takes it easy on him.

Another wonderful chapter! Thank you!
3/25 c9 TigerLiliy
This such an amazing story I wish bit was finished keep up the great work if you do finish it and it also warms my hart that people are still writeing Psych Fanfics.
3/17 c9 FearlessShawn
This is incredible! Please finish this story. I've never read a Shassie story like this and it is amazing. One of the more realistic I've ever read. Great job and please continue.
1/4 c8 Guest
Love this! Especially the way you write Henry seems really believable!
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