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for Kwamis Are Nice If Their Masters Are

3/20 c5 Evolved Ignis
Will this be finished soon?
1/18 c5 Guest
This is so AMAZING, I can't wait for more!
12/9/2020 c5 1Kkcats
I love this. Absolute genius. Good job.
12/8/2020 c5 182Luiz4200
It was good to see how the other good guys are faring without Plagg. Any chances Tikki might visit Adrien?
12/8/2020 c5 510yellow 14
It’s still funny watching Marinette here. And Adrien is dead on here. Keep updating
12/7/2020 c5 Hkt29
Marinette and Adrien wouldn't be having so much stress had they shared their secret identities earlier but now it is too late.
11/13/2019 c4 yellow 14
Oh this is priceless. Keep updating
10/18/2019 c4 22Alyce and Indi
The words for how funny I find this do not exist, except maybe [*MAYBE*] in Dahl, Seuss, or Carroll. Let it suffice to say that if I had to pick the funniest story I've read this year, I'd pick this. And this year I've read about: a glittery alicorn who shouts KEEFE KEEFE KEEFE; a baby dragon who is ADORABLE and prone to exaggeration; and the most fantastically hilarious fairy boy EVER. AND seen a play with a man trying to be serious while half-wearing a jester costume. PLUS I grew up with Danny Kaye.

This isn't as great as Danny Kaye, because nothing and no one compares to my favorite actor. BUT it's close!

Update soon? Pwease?
9/26/2019 c4 52Awsomaniatica
I wonder if Plagg can somehow get around the command of not "revealing" himself to Adrien as the teen already knows him personally. Or is able to get Noroo on board to help him somehow. Hmm...
Loving it so far!
8/26/2019 c4 SirDudeman28
I haven’t laughed this hard in so long
I love Plagg being a little kitty god of b****iness that he is
Great work and I’m looking forward to the next chapters!
8/26/2019 c4 22leafgreenflower
Ooh! Ten metres - that's enough to visit the floor below or above... I love this story.
8/26/2019 c1 leafgreenflower
I am excited to read this! I love the idea of rigid Gabriel having to suffer chaotic Plagg...
8/25/2019 c4 Romans623KJV
plag can't show himself to others but Gabriel didn't say anything about being heard by others or leaving signs or notes to others
8/25/2019 c4 139KagamiPINKAgreste
- "Sleep while you still can, you sorry excuse of a parent. I have stilled my tongue regarding your treatment of Adrien for far too long. But now that I can personally interact with you on a daily basis, I will make sure you rue and curse the day that I became your kwami, Gabriel Agreste." - and of course Plagg's oath as he goes to sleep - "Mark my words… I swear upon the Great Guardian that I will make your life a living hell!" - PLAGG YOU ARE THE BOSS KWAMI OH YEA! Right staying but doing things hiss way. Sorry Nooroo but no, Gabriel deserves to suffer!
8/25/2019 c4 Bleach power
This can be decribed with one word-masterpeace.I kove really doesn't know what he singed up is going to lose his mind,Plagg will destroy reference of Monte Cristo is really fitting in this Plagg is anything like Monte Cristo Gabriel is going to suffer very much.
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