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7/16 c1 YoreReader
Although the S5 series finale, ATFEP broke my heart, it also gave me hope because of what Michael told Nikita in the end, something like, there'd be a time when Adam won't need him anymore. Additionally, I loved Nikita letting Michael go (it was the right thing to do), it showed her growth as a character.

This is the alternate ending for S4's season finale, FLYF, right? I figure it is because of Michael's cutting his face. Then this does trump FLYF for me. I think the dialogue is better, for one. Nikita lying about her feelings to Michael and hurting him terribly in the process gutted me more than their separation. Secondly, Michael letting Nikita go and showing his love for her yet again (he's done it before) makes sense. I say this because I'm a little ambivalent about who got left behind because I loved the way the series finale handled it as I've stated above. Finally, this alternate ending also gave me hope because of what Nikita said. And despite what Michael said to her in return, I know that if there's any chance for them to be together, he WILL take it. Thus, I'll take this alternate ending over the S4 season finale, FLYF.

Thanks for writing this and sharing it with us. I enjoyed reading it and appreciate it a lot.

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