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for Compassion, and the Lack Thereof

9/5 c27 3Impassive Purple
Damn. Just binged this whole fic. Fantastic work so far.
9/1 c15 1meolessy
I don't get what you're trying to do here. I understand that you're trying to turn toga into a sympathetic character, but it's not working. she just comes off like a psychopath maybe even more so than the anime and manga. izuku also being this weird blood masochist who wants to be cannibalized by her made me very uncomfortable as well.
8/28 c25 Sly Assassin
is it bad that apart of me loves the idea of the story ending right here? it not that I'm not enjoying it just subversion of expects would be so perfect
8/26 c27 ArgentumAuream
Hmm i like this story, it explores perspectives that are heavily ignored by most, however i do have a concern with a repeating pattern im seeing, one where Toga and Izuku both express mindsets indicating growth from the cruelty or obsession with the darker aspects of their psyches, then the next or a few chapters later, they abruptly regress without any particular reason beyond writer's whim, furthermore Izuku's blood thirst comes of as forced most of the time, and feels like a crutch to have him do needlessly cruel or messed up shit, and the way its described seems like its trying to convince the reader that this viciousness is something Izuku is a victim to and unable to overcome, yet again, as previously stated he is shown as capable of it and seems to grow from it every few chapters before regressing, i do hope this trend becomes less and less and is eliminated as the story progresses, otherwise, to me at least, it will feel like a real waste, especially with the heavy topics its dealing with being so well handled.
8/25 c27 1Equatic Puzzle
What you consider 'slow' is something I consider 'essential'

My only wish was to see this chapter elongated juuuuuuuust a tiny bit more, but hey, I'll take what I can get

8/21 c27 Guest
Absolutely fantastic chapter! I am sad that they are going to a bit more irregular updates, but completely understand with school. Thank you so so much for your work! I look forward to the next chapter!
8/21 c27 It's 1.30 am
God dammit fuck you.
How dare you make such amazing and engaging work only make me wait.
You actually got me screaming at work like a lunatic.
8/22 c27 6Bloody Relight
you start Monday too huh? ugh good luck with your semester!
8/20 c27 Guest
Interesting take on Ochako.

And now.
We wait for The Talk.
8/22 c27 Kid74c
Goodness. That was an intense ride start to finish. Great chapter. Loving this story so far. Can't wait for the next chapter. Best of luck.
8/22 c18 Nyaaaaa47
Wow this was bad...
I understand not wanting to use the knife. Ok.
But after 10 months of training, Katsuki has being bullying him his entire life and then tries to hurt his girlfriend with that dangerous quirk of his. Only a broken nose and a concussion, and Izuku feels he has to apologize? Wow...
After almost killing himself for all the bullying, and even Izuku's mom thinks is his fault, with 2nd degree burns on his body...
Someone with a handgranade on his fist vs someone quirkless... And is the quirkless fault.
This is so dumb...
8/21 c27 14the only 95
Aunque me alegra que Shiro haya ayudado a Izuku y Toga, sigo pensando de que ese tipo es un extremista, su lógica de (Muchas personas mueren de hambre y muchos alimentos se tiran a la basura) no me convence, pongo como ejemplo que tú con mucho esfuerzo y trabajo te compras una casa, te gustaría que alguien te la quite diciendo (Mucha gente duerme en las calles y tú tienes una casa extra) no, a nadie le gustaría, para eso hay organizaciones que ayudan a esa gente, no tenemos porque pagarlo los ciudadanos de a pie, si el gobierno no hace una buena gestión de los ingresos es su culpa y no nuestra. Pero bueno me gusto el capitulo, espero ver como Izuku se involucra mas en ese mundo de ''criminales'' hasta llegar a conocerse con la Liga de Villanos, que aunque tengan ideales distintos, al fin y al cabo la Liga de Villanos e Izuku quieren destruir la sociedad actual.
8/21 c27 bunto
Basically binged 27 chapters in two days lol, loving it so far; much love to the author
8/20 c27 brandonthehuman
Hell yeah, love what you are doing with this story
8/20 c27 5Nonyaarb
This is really awesome
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