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6h c30 2CMVreud
Does that mean Harry has a girlfriend?
6h c25 CMVreud
Oh, my, gods!
With Dunbar claiming the Troll slaying and Harry deflecting...
And she and Neville floating like Marley...
Please tell me this gonna be the equivalent of Cheech and Chong meet the Scoobies.
6h c24 CMVreud
Oooooh, Harry lets his inner Hufflepuff run rampart.
6h c22 CMVreud
Ha! I think this is the first fic I read where the Dursleys just up and leve without further propting.
6h c27 CMVreud
Oh, yes!
Teaching a dragon hermetic magic that it can use without any of the drawbacks its inventor/rediscoverer experienced.
Absolutely brilliant.
I see absolutely no problem in the future of the human race, sir.
6h c18 CMVreud
'...almost like his magic was sealed away.''
Oh, holy fekkin no. Chummer, don't tell me th' little bugger fragged himself with that tattoo.
6h c19 CMVreud
I knew it.
There's always a big fat shit when working with runes.
5/19 c1 CMVreud
I think I very much like your Harry fucking Potter. Plese tell me youll use a L. Jackson interpretin when meeting either Ron or Draco, because I wonder if they speak 'what' at Malfoy Manor.
5/19 c2 CMVreud
Oh, yes. I've decided to like yer Harry very much.
5/6 c20 Guest
LOL “Hermione, I think hermetic magic would be right up your alley”
5/2 c31 SunPho3n1x
Great story. Harry is a bit darker than I prefer but that’s what you were going for so you totally succeeded. The story is well written, and I enjoyed it. Thank you for writing this.
4/27 c31 1skyway920
in lack of a like/dislike system take this review instead.

This was a fun read and it always confused me why wizards and witches in HP became helpless when their wand was taken or snapped (if accidental magic is as powerful as we see it in the books and movie then why can't they intentionally use that same power and unless its explicitly stated in the books or movies then there is no excuse)
4/22 c6 Silky Button
Goodness I'm loving this story!
And that 2nd Edition playthrough just ran reminds me of my first ever 5E playthrough... last fall.
Two of our four members died from one monster and the two survivors were down to less than 5 HP before we were able to take it out

The DM just shrugged and said, "At least it was only one monster... I originally wrote in two monsters, but changed it just before today's session" haha
4/15 c2 l30rusty
why the hell would he trust a random person he meets right of the bat
4/15 c2 l30rusty
this better not be harry Hermione fic
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