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for Harry Is A Dragon, And That's Okay

5/23 c102 1SeraphimBlue
Nice but i really hoped that Harry would figure out how to go between ... and end up on Pern, with it being real somehow
5/22 c101 Jbrowne26
So sad this is almost at its end!
When I first started reading this story, I wondered how you would explain Harry becoming a dragon, assuming that you would need to at some point.
However, while i still wonder about it, the way you have crafted the story and developed its characters, it’s more of a wonder than a nagging need ro know.
This, to me, shows how well you have pulled your readers into this world you’ve created, and how much we were drawn into it that it doesn’t ultimately mayter whether we find out or not.
5/18 c9 3Steve-Arkarian
I feel like the stunning charm is a spell that makes almost the least sense to use as an example for a short-term-charm. Unless it's wildly different in your story, which honestly it could be, but generally the stunning charm takes effect and then it stays in effect until someone casts ennervate on them or they come out of it. So, not short-term.

By the way, loving the story overall, and I'm pretty sure I have already read it at some point in the past and it's probably already on my favorites list.
5/17 c95 Jbrowne26
I was just realizing that it would veey nice to have a list of who all of the traditionally unusual students currently are and what magical race they hail from.
5/13 c70 17Myene
I read this years ago when you first wrote it and came back for a reread. Still a wonderful and delightful story!

But, with lines like "Most of the rest of the class just made a noise which was more or less normal for teenagers on the first Monday afternoon of the new school year, which was something like 'mnuuuurgh'." I have to ask...are you secretly Albus Dumbledore writing a fanfic? Because that is just his level of silly!
5/11 c72 Jbrowne26
I really like the author’s note for this chapter
5/8 c58 Jbrowne26
I’m assuming they don’t factor in escape velocity or the problems with pressure because they haven’t been exposed to that kind of knowledge.
5/6 c50 Jbrowne26
I really enjoy your characterizationsHarry’s friends and family are each enjoyable to read, and the interactions are fun as well.
5/5 c46 Jbrowne26
Im assuming there has never been a snake nearby when Harry and Nora are conversing?
4/27 c7 Jbrowne26
I take it Snape is less antagonistic toward Harry because he doesn’t resemble James?
4/22 c87 redlibertyx
Iron Dragon! Is that the Mayfair Games crayon railroad game? If so, very excellent! :D
4/12 c10 Guest
How'd a troll get in a book club they can't even read or even write or even talk (well mostly talk but it's more gibberish like that of a toddler kid who is two in a half years old who can't even speak yet sort of thing like speech.)
4/9 c19 Guest
You know how do I get the paper and kind of orphans
4/9 c17 Guest
Harry, sweety, be glad your cute. Blaise certainly isn't keeping you around for your smarts
4/9 c15 Guest
Ooh, imagine sugar glass marbles. That'd be an interesting candy
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