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for Harry Is A Dragon, And That's Okay

3/23 c1 Guest
I like this. I can finally comment on this. I like your writing style. I also like this book.
3/20 c102 Grateful Anon
So I actually first read this story two years ago, around when it was finishing up. I don't normally leave reviews on this site but there are some things I have to say that I believe warrant me doing so now.

First: This fanfic, in my opinion, is far and away better than the canon. It's true that there's significantly less action and the pace is slower as a whole. But the slice of life, the worldbuilding, the characterization, the meticulous research and real-world references... All of this makes this story feel very grounded, populated, and overall *real*. One of the moments that stuck most with me was Moody's entrance, when the effect was counteracted by the breezy summer night — not only did it sell the setting, but it also perfectly captured the atmosphere of this story: forgoing the drama of the books for the sake of creating a world you actually feel like you could live in.

But most important are the themes. I am going to try not to talk about current controversies more than I have to. But in a day and age where many fanfic authors are deleting all their HP-related writing and refusing to interact with the series, I hope this story never gets taken down. This is the kind of work that is so important to have out there. Your messages of love and acceptance encapsulate all that people found (and find) meaningful in the canon while reaching out to those who have since been excluded and hurt by it. Many canonically maligned characters are made sympathetic; even if they never become heroes, we can understand their perspectives and actions. You write characters of all different backgrounds wonderfully (just as you write all characters), and handle myriad issues with tact. I'm not sure if this was your intention, but this kind of writing is the ultimate "take that", in the best way, to a world that has gone sour: you have created a place where all can be embraced and accepted for who they are, from the bones of a canon that has rejected them.

So, from the bottom of my heart: Thank you for writing this work.
3/18 c102 Aezacme
I have no idea why I finished this story. Nothing really happened. A very mundane narrative, in fact, the plot can be summarized as 'kid goes to school'. But I did finish it, and I think it's a pleasant read? Conflict was non-existent so everyone really just had a great time at school.
3/14 c8 The Eldritch Troll
His fire breath is very weak. It said he could melt lead which is very weak. Lead melts at 621.50F (327.50C) one of the weakest metals to heat.
3/4 c102 Mommarex90
I just wanted to say how much I've enjoyed reading this story and how impressed I am at the amount of research and dedication it took to make it so immersive and accurate to the time, I've actually read this 3 times now.
3/4 c15 Ricknn
this has to be one of the best chapters in any fanfiction ever, taken all by itself it has some of the best good Albus Dumbledore moments, great politics, a very good focus on how Harry sees things (which this story does very well at consistently anyways) and oh man the foreshadowing, where it sets the story up for in the future, and the cliffhanger ending are all great too... not that the ending acts as a cliffhanger now that the story is done but anyways lol
3/3 c102 Ricknn
oh man i hope this gets a sidestory/sequel that goes into depth on the epilogue stuff I know I'd be interested in it.

This entire fanfic was great, one of the best ive ever read, it has a Harry Potter who is recognizably himself but acts slightly different through the whole story because well obviously there was a change that prompted such (dragon) while at the start we see a more lighthearted childish Harry with a heart of gold he matures into a great character who has recognizably grown up well and became not only a great adult who anyone should want as friend he preserved the best parts of his character even as he learned about grief, experienced it properly and dealt with it.

theres so much more I could say but ill start rambling... rambling more if i keep going Thank you for this work and i hope life treats you well
2/28 c53 Ricknn
the pun, so glorious dada us dad indeed hahahahaha
2/26 c50 1SixFtWookie
I've been waiting for the alien lizard reference, thus providing more proof to my theory! Still laughing my donkey off at most of the puns, this story is funny every time.
2/25 c9 SixFtWookie
Ok, my current headcanon is that at some point Harry met Taylor and they ended up talking about their childhoods. Taylor tells him the story of meeting the Varga, and Harry says something like "Wow, I wish I had become invincible when I was shoved in my cupboard." So, Taylor being Taylor, she gets her friends together, bends space and time over her knee, and makes it happen.
2/25 c2 SixFtWookie
So, I guess the question is did some higher power change Harry directly into a Varga, or did Ianthe and Co shove Harry into a next gen bio construct? I figure bio construct myself, if only to imagine the different scenarios of the how and why of that happening.
2/25 c1 SixFtWookie
Having just finished my 2nd read through of the relevant fic, I am now convinced that this fic should actually be titled Harry Is A Varga and That's OK. I love it.
2/25 c102 CloakSparks25485
This has been an absolute pleasure to read. I have been devouring this for the last month or so, and I have to say that it is now one of my favorite fictions to grace this platform. I have been a fan of your work for some time starting with the MLP Loops and more besides (I am interested to see if inspiration strikes for AOTP at some point), and I find the way you are able to bring what you write to life is a skill that can bring me to tears. I cannot express how amazed an humbled I am at your abilities, and I eagerly look forward to the works you will put forth in the future (the one that you started on in December and already has 32 chapters? WOW!). If you ever feel that this story could use a short continuation or side story, know that I will be there. Thank you for this beautiful gift which had me laughing and reeling at the sheer plausibility of a magical world gone mad.
2/24 c102 2loveinyou
I enjoyed the story immensely but I somehow feel sorry that Harry would end up being alone romantically.
2/23 c76 5Planar-Walking-Entertainment
To contemplate this: Empress is bound to obey a speaker of Parseltongue. So Harry basically commanded her to think The language they speak is a different one to Parseltongue(dragonish) and now she is able to ignore commands if she thinks the language spoken in orders is not dragonish?
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