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for Harry Is A Dragon, And That's Okay

11h c15 Eltari
Caution: talking to Dumbledore will result in either extreme fits of laughter or an aneurysm or sometimes both at the same time. You’ve been warned.
9/17 c102 Lina
This was the best book, I have ever read.
All the characters were fleshed out, every sentence pulled you deeper and deeper into the story.

I loved Ron's arc, he went from wanting to be somebody to becoming somebody. Hermione grew as a person without giving up on what made her wonderful.
Your Harry is *chef's kiss*. His kindness and self acceptance literally changed the world for the better, in natural ways.
Everyone went from challenge to challenge by growing Thur them. They also remembered all they had learned so of course they could meet the next challenge.
I love how the adults were helpful and present in a way we don't see in fiction, that also didn't take away from the main cast's adventures in magic.

Try the first 3 chapters and fall in love again with the magical world of Harry Potter!
9/11 c10 Guest
"That's, what, a hundred witches and wizards?" Hermione replied. "I think at that point it counts as an epidemic."

"Yeah, but the Cannons would have a much better chance at the Cup," Ron said. "Worth it."

...That did not age well.
9/7 c37 vysirez
Pretty good chapter. I always felt that forcing the class to face the Bogart publicly was extremely personally invasive. A person's greatest fear is often going to be rather private.
9/5 c98 khatre
"It's an ambush sir! there's TWO of em!"
I aint thought about the Sten books in YEARS! Thank you !
9/5 c26 pinks99
Really enjoying the story!

I found a few small errors. You mention Sirius orders Chinese takeaway, and that it's the first time anyone but Hermione had eaten it before. But didn't Harry have it when he stayed with Hermione's family? Also, Bhajis are Indian, not Chinese (maybe it was Indo-chinese takeaway?).
9/1 c80 khatre
there are soooo many books that i have not read in a very long time that I suddenly want to go back and read again ...
especially The White Dragon. I LOVED that book.
8/30 c3 ironhair
I don't understand how he became a dragon, why people aren't freaking out more, where his hands are, how does he walk on all fours and still have hands, etc
8/29 c1 ShineOfTheRainbo
Thankyou for this. I'm leaving soon, hopefully for good, and this story has been more of a comfort than I know how to express while I wait for various elements to come together. Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou. It is funny, cathartic, and deeply interesting in its sheer detail and excellent worldbuilding. And it is admittedly especially satisfying to read as a long-term Pratchett fan (GNU Sir Pterry).

It's somewhat disappointing to find our fandom tastes diverge from here, but I am nonetheless certain that your future writing career will be both significant and successful. You have a gift, and so it is your natural instinct and duty to share it, that it may ignite the potential gifts of others. I wish you every sign and portent of good fortune in this, as you inevitably progress in your chosen craft. I am only sorry that I will not get to read it myself.

Be well, in every way that matters.
8/29 c102 Zavod
This was an original "concept" Harry Potter story. congrats on that.
If I had been offering advice before completion I'd have suggested putting in more anticipation and/or conflict.
For example, the Voldemort scenes are fun and clever, but they pop out of nowhere.
Anyway, fun ideas explored here. Thanks for sharing your writing!
8/29 c59 khatre
I know that she is young but i soooo want Harry to take Nora to the ball !
8/23 c57 elixirmaster
"I've never seen any," Emile answered. LMAO
8/22 c52 elixirmaster
I was worried for a Second that Percy was being shoehorned into a kissass, but damn he was badass. nice.
8/20 c15 khatre
a NON EVIL Albus Dumbledore ...
that is a very rare sight nowadays
8/19 c28 elixirmaster
Even if it's off screen, I'm real glad luna has a friend
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