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3/24 c8 Trado
Ok, I really hope you decide to continue this story, we need more stories with Accelerator in MHA.


1. Explain how Accelerator, Misaka Worst, and Last Order ended up in the MHA world, maybe by having Last Order give a brief explanation to Eri with Worst filling in the blanks.

2. Deku could meet Accelerator during his battle with Gentle Criminal, maybe Accelerator is going to the store, sees the fight happening, and is annoyed enough to step in, maybe have him replace the civilian that was watching the fight, the one Gentle tried to drop a steel beam on.

3. Maybe have Accelerator encounter one of the League of Villain members and kill them to get on the League's radar. Personally I'd chose Spinner, he's my least favorite league member and the one most likely to annoy Accelerator besides Dabi and Twice and I really like both of them so I'm hoping they aren't the ones to find and annoy him.

That's all I've got for right now but if I think of anything else I'll put down another review.
Keep up the good work and I'm looking forward to seeing where the story goes next.
3/18 c1 Guest
ad mor
3/17 c6 Jeferson Arthur
Hmm, they really like putting their hands under their chins
3/8 c8 marcelosfs2001
The story is really good and it will be very interesting to see what happens later while they already caught accelerator for having a false identification and apparently he already has another loli with him hahaha I'll be waiting for the next chapter.
3/4 c8 bootlegNaruto
ajhdgfjhdakfbsjkadffbdja holY SHIT the bnha universe definitely is Not prepared for dealing with the Accelerator. Man just went and said "Do you know what y'all really need? A clean-up." And on the matter of a clean-up, AHDGAHJFGJHFA they got a hero to unknowingly eliminate the evidence! This! Is golden!
And lastly, I'm so so happy Eri got adopted by the trio. If Yomikawa and Yoshikawa were present I believe they would also be very fond of her. Accelerator saw a small child being treated as a weapon and just adopted her on the spot huh. Love that guy.
3/1 c8 Guest
Me fascino el como ocupaste a wah
3/1 c8 Guest
Since Accelerator (The Ability not person) is an Esper Ability, Aizawa wouldn't be able to erase it as its not a quirk, and quirks work differently to esper abilities. A suggestion: Accelerator is able to reflect anything, so what if he reflects Aizawa's erasure onto someone else (Put in some science jargon of Aizawa emitting quirk disabling wavelengths). So instead of Aizawa being seen as a massive advantage against someone with such a powerful "quirk", he instead turns into a mission destroying disadvantage
3/1 c8 bees be beein
ok so you made me some hoe like wash i mean he just seams so wholesome
and also stand by my theory that ryukyu's sister has something to do with kamijou or the "kamijou no touma" i mean:
kinda shitty life
is enough evadince for me lol
though i really hope she does not have imagine breaker
cuz that would make no sense, due to the nature of imagine breaker only being able to exist in one place, period.
so i hope you countiue writing this and have a good day
2/28 c8 1a54321
I was quite happy to come back to this story and find updates :D Can't wait to see what happens next!
2/28 c8 The Rupture
Keep the Chaptersvl coming.
2/27 c8 Guest
man you are killing man keep up the good work
2/27 c1 Guest
yes man so good
Like what you got going on here.
Not a single unnecessary detail or "flavortext" in sight. Nice
2/23 c8 Guest
hahahaha 'hero' wash helps them
2/23 c8 27Don Orbit
I want to say something about not letting the psycho drive the car, especially in a situation like this, but unfortunately out of the 4 people in it and the only ones without meeting this criteria being Eri and Last Order, who cannot drive a car already due to their sizes, I unfortunately cannot say that.
It doesn't ease the discomfort in any way, shape or form that I might have about the possibility of Worst trying to rile up Accelerator by pulling some stunt involving a random villain encounter and a floored gas pedal. Because in a world with superheroes there's awfully lot of stuff happening... which only adds to Accelerator's annoyance.

Still thanks for the nice chapter and have a nice day.
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