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for A Certain Stranded Family

1/20 c7 3Arkhaggelos
I love this story! Good work! Can't wait to read what happens next! (especially the hero's reaction to Accelerator powers! But I don't want him to be a hero, that is so not him)
12/28/2020 c7 new chapter
pls i need a new chapter
12/21/2020 c7 bootlegwat
It's fine, I'm glad it's still being continued at least. Looking forward to next.
12/12/2020 c1 Vivitsa
I require more chapters!
12/10/2020 c7 3Xeno01
Thanks for the update, but I hope the next chapter has something more interesting.
I want to see a scene where Accelerator kicks that asshole Endeavor.
12/7/2020 c7 A certain guest
You cannot convey my happiness when I see this updated.

It's kinda ironic that Accelerator would now be a target from a fake ID card, personally, I think he would get a reputation already for being a bit shady by the authorities but otherwise just a "normal" family.

Though to be honest, you would think Accelerator have a better Fake ID card if Mr. Joke could identify something wrong. Even if is good at identifying fake ID card for some reason, he lived in Academy City, a place where people hide their identities all the damn time. But that may be just me.

Either way, Worst would not let him live that one down after this.
12/6/2020 c7 logron
Hope you don't make Accel to dismiss about fake ID, he is not stupid to not tied loose end
12/4/2020 c7 naufalrakha0104
Hmm Academic city is another level thought, you cant compare them(its too different ).. hehe nice
12/3/2020 c7 NyxSky
12/2/2020 c7 when is the next
when is the nextchapter going to be
12/2/2020 c7 KureijiRyuu
I wonder why all authors' computers break so easily...

By the way, Thanks for the chapter.
11/27/2020 c7 trjz
Thanks for the awsome story
11/27/2020 c5 Guest
Hmm. I enjoyed it, but I cant help but feel the dialog with accelerator was off, like it wasn't matching his persona and usual build up. Feeling a bit to "forced" or "edgy" idk how to describe it, but it just wasn't capturing classic accelerator like others have. Still good though
11/26/2020 c7 noctisluxys
It was too perfect to last too long, well it's the beginning of unlucky days.
11/25/2020 c7 2Omodor
Yay it's back i was just about to give up hope but seeing this pop up has turned a meh day into a good one. hope to see more soon.
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