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for A Certain Stranded Family

2/20 c8 3deathnoteno1fan-codegeasslover
I haven't kept up with My Hero Acadamia but The Meta Liberation Army sounds like someone that would interfere with Accelerator's family at some point. Love how a Hero is cleaning a criminals house!Lol!
2/19 c8 7KisaragiKei
oh man. nice update. about time too! nice
2/19 c8 bees be beein
ok this is realy fun and all (sorry if this ounds condecending)
but I just had an idea for a similar fanfic but with the ollerus faction and a series like bleach or naruto
i just think that would be intertaining as all hell
i mean imagine someone in naruto realizing that ollerus is just a straight up planet (possibly universe) buster
and it could also be treated like a vacation for them considering that they all got fucked by tha magic gods
but i guess that would mean that you have to get ollerus back to full power, but ehhhh aleister exists and could probably undo it.
2/19 c8 Sentient Mop
So good
2/19 c8 12Toa Solaric
Even if Ms. Joke only based on Acceleration's ID as fake with an assumption, it too bad that he didn't stick around to find out what went wrong and never corrected it.
2/19 c8 3Necrogod
Thanks for the chapter!
2/19 c7 Thime22
More please.. I need new chapter
2/17 c7 Vivitsa
More please! I love this fanfic!
2/15 c7 bees be beein
quick question to mha fans who are reading this but don't know much about toaru:
are you aware of the fact that current accelerator can casually shake galaxies, and no i am not kidding thats just the base level so please don't be mad that if accel fights someone and stomps them, like seriously accel could stomp them
so yeah, please don't take this that i don't like my hero academia i fukin love the series, its just that toaru mid tiers could propably solo mha and accel is a high tier
2/12 c7 bees be beein
ms. joke you domt know what you have started
and also kann you makw worst fight izuku and the class considering that she would just roflstomp them
so great chapter and have a nice day
2/1 c2 3AadenHelan
Can anyone answer me, if Accel throw a building at Endeavor will he survive?
1/22 c6 Guest
When is next update I’m dying for the story
1/20 c7 3Arkhaggelos
I love this story! Good work! Can't wait to read what happens next! (especially the hero's reaction to Accelerator powers! But I don't want him to be a hero, that is so not him)
12/28/2020 c7 new chapter
pls i need a new chapter
12/21/2020 c7 bootlegwat
It's fine, I'm glad it's still being continued at least. Looking forward to next.
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