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for The Importance of Intent: After the Credits

4/13 c15 1Grinzwald
Who is Artie the kid of? And full name?
4/1 c15 pix25
Love this series
2/1 c15 Guest
This whole series has been so wonderful, really fantastic! I really, really hope you think up a bit more.
1/11 c15 Lauraf68
Great follow up story and anecdotes! Thank You!
12/12/2023 c14 kiwihipp
Detention well managed too, Teddy!
12/12/2023 c15 kiwihipp
Lovely news to tell Harry!
12/11/2023 c13 kiwihipp
What a nice way to get Sophia to feel better about going to Hogwarts!
12/11/2023 c12 kiwihipp
Oh wow! I hope that works for Astoria!
Well done Hermione and Harry and Daphne.
12/11/2023 c10 kiwihipp
Oh, what a lovely chat with Neville! I hope it will work out.
12/11/2023 c11 kiwihipp
That sounds like a fun evening for the three girls, sharing information and secrets, with each other! Fire whiskey must nice!
12/10/2023 c9 kiwihipp
So Daphne managed to upstage Ron and his chess playing? Good on her!
So good that Hermione has got her back!
12/10/2023 c8 kiwihipp
Just shows you, Neville notices just as much, if not more, than most. They ended up being real nice to each other.
12/10/2023 c7 kiwihipp
So Mrs Black couldn’t get the message and kept on insulting Harry. Well done Kreacher for getting rid of her.
I like this version of the letter from Lily so much better than the one in the books! Really love;y for Harry to have.
12/10/2023 c6 kiwihipp
Trust Dumbles and Snape to orchestra events right until the end!
12/10/2023 c5 kiwihipp
Good of Dobby to help out Harry and Miss Greeny.
I can't wait to read Kreacher’s reaction!
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