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for The Importance of Intent: After the Credits

3/26 c10 Hotrodmaxim
This chapter. Absolutely beautiful
9/2/2022 c14 Katescats
Hi I love your story.
7/24/2022 c8 2Taliesin19
I don't know what I was expecting, but I was taken aback by how beautiful this chapter was. Just like with all your writing it was very subtle and understated, each line filled to the brim with meaning and Importance, but never once feeling bloated. I was touched by the emotional intimacy between Astoria and Neville. It's so easy between them, but you can just feel the care they have for each other in every word they spoke. I love this type of depiction of a relationship. No dramatics or extreme displays of passion. Just little things that suggest a much deeper connection. Less is always more.

I also thought the part with Neville talking about his parents was really well done. As usual, you didn't shy away from the realistic, sometimes uncomfortable aspects of being human. That's what makes your characters so three dimensional.

I also have to add that I LOL-ed at this line:

"Yeah...I was shocked," Astoria replied before taking a bite of cake. "I was honestly expecting it to come out looking like an accountant."
5/6/2022 c1 Taliesin19
I forgot if there was a buildup of Neville and Astoria in Intent, but that really took me by surprise lol. I loved her reasoning for it though and the line "he's exactly who I deserve." Big awww moment. Sucks to suck Draco, but at least you're getting laid tonight ig
3/16/2022 c13 23stevem1
This is a brilliant chapter, a good mix of pre-teen angst, family and humor.
3/15/2022 c1 stevem1
This Draco has gotten smarter and even though he isn’t evil, he’s still a self-interested prick.

It’s too bad he didn’t marry Astoria though. Harry and Draco as brother in laws might be comedy gold.
2/20/2022 c10 3Steve-Arkarian
If they continued to be serious it would be completely up to them whether they wanted to risk a child especially considering the child might also get a curse. That would be a very personal decision and I have known people (real people, outside of fanfiction of course) that have had various health problems and have had to make the decision whether to have children and risk passing things on.

What I wonder is, if they decided they did want a child and would risk passing it on could they use a surrogate? Whether it meant using Neville's seed and someone else's egg, or Neville's seed and Astoria's egg but carried by someone else... If it was the second option it still might be passed on but shouldn't that also mean that Astoria wouldn't have to bear the strain.

I know Neville is a pureblood and I think the Greengrasses are as well, even though they have muggle dealings. Would they even know about such things? Or be willing? Are there magical surrogates (in your story, I've read about them in other stories but I don't know how it would be in yours. Which would also make them knowing about surrogates not so odd if there were magical ones)...
2/19/2022 c8 Steve-Arkarian
Definitely one of my favorite chapters.
2/19/2022 c3 Steve-Arkarian
How did Dudley "come into the kitchen" (and with a giant sandwich) then sit down and start eating if the kitchen is where you make sandwiches? Where did the sandwich come from? And if he already had it elsewhere why bother coming to the kitchen?
2/19/2022 c1 Steve-Arkarian
Neville and Astoria... Not Tracy? Throughout the main story I was sure it would end up with Neville with Tracy. Hmm, disappointing. But it's not written for me so, *shrugs*. Interesting choice I guess.
2/8/2022 c7 Lord Potter
This sequel and the it's previous story are among the best stories that I have ever read in my entire life. Awesome writing, Fantastic plot and most particularly the pairing. The pairing was slow but that's how it's supposed to be, no one can become lovers by just talking and planning with each other. All in all this sequel AND it's prequel are both truly truly amazing and marvelous. I suggest you take up a career as an author because you might become one of the greatest writers in the world :) It was truly a pleasure that I stumbled upon your story, I hope you and your family are safe and happy.
1/26/2022 c14 OkBoomer147
GG mate!
This feels quite nice
1/11/2022 c14 3Nauze
Yes, the whole bit with Ginny's Patronus and exploding snap was surprising to me, I had no memory of it at all, and I enjoyed it thoroughly. But two things stood out for me most here. First, dumb dumb. I take personal offense since you've called me that many times. No likely.

And second, the whole thing about lowercase bwl? That was such a master stroke to perfectly elucidate how Harry underplays and dislikes his fame and his attitude about everything he'd accomplished. And framing it as if it's a regular things that the all the kids know about? It's rare that I care for a next gen fic, but your cast of kids is just so delightful that now I want more. I want to see them interact and deal with the world, with the shadow of their parents hanging over them and trying to figure out who they are withou it.

That'd be a glorious fic to read.

This has been utterly lovely and thank you for writing such wonderful stories.
1/11/2022 c13 Nauze

She's just so lovely. The whole tattoo story is adorable, and could be so lewd, but you made it wholesome and funny. You should write more Sophie. Yesssss.

That's a good plan. Follow that, wontya?
1/11/2022 c11 Nauze
You write drunk people well. I'm fondly reminded of your 3acts story and how hilarious Hermione was drunk.
Daphne reminds me of a friendly teddy bear. If you ever watched Bleach, Konbod brought to mind.

Teasibg Hermione with something she doesn't know is delightful and I loved all the contingencies you made up.
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