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4/12/2019 c4 Guest
So Aemon is just as bad as Ned, using Jon for his own means?

Why wouldn't Aemon tell Jon that he's the trueborn son of Rhaegar? Why would he send him after the Targaryen's without that knowledge? It doesn't make any sort of sense and is completely OOC for Aemon.
4/12/2019 c4 Kilana89
And Jon finds a ruby! Yay Sam is here!
4/12/2019 c4 1fire1
Good chapter, this story is a lot of fun.
4/12/2019 c4 TheWickedTruth89
Great chapter, I can't wait to see more.
4/12/2019 c4 15Leaf Ranger
NIce chapter. This sam guy seems kind of interesting. A fun traveling companion. Guess we'll see.

Keep up the excellent work!
4/12/2019 c4 Morbious20
Great chapter .
4/12/2019 c4 BigWilly526
Great chapter, can't wait for the next one
3/31/2019 c3 Kilana89
Ooh this is quite enjoyable! Does Aemon suspect the truth? and that's why he gave Jon Dark Sister? or did it just feel right?
3/28/2019 c3 Manosikvabe-Mrito
Interesting, Looking forward to more chapters. If jon could fight with two blades like arthur dayne, he would be able to use both swords.
3/27/2019 c3 2Stelle's Pen
You have no idea how much I appreciate this story! It always bugs me something friece that Ned was too coward to give Jon a 'real' choice before tricking him into joining the Watch.
3/22/2019 c3 The Sage of Darkness
There are a few typos here and there, I suggest going through this chapter and fixing them. Also, nice chapter. I look forward to where it goes.
3/22/2019 c2 The Sage of Darkness
Eh I'd say go fuck yourself if I was Jon.
3/22/2019 c1 The Sage of Darkness
Pretty interesting. Although it seems like you're using the shows ages rather than the books ages.
3/19/2019 c1 Guest
Finish legends never die
3/18/2019 c3 lili
good story
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