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for My Father

5/2 c3 2Savior16
At least in this life, Willow has a happy ending
3/31 c29 5Luffy L Deathwalker
Great two jokers double the trouble
3/2 c29 1jesus
Great chapter, keep it up.
3/1 c29 4Monster King
Loved it a lot
3/1 c29 29SulliMike23
Mr. Freeze, Joker, Cheetah, and Deathstroke? Yikes! Something tells me that The Penguin, Two-Face, and Poison Ivy will make their appearances later.
2/21 c28 Guest
Is Salem gonna want to turn Batman into her servant like Darkseid did in the Justice League Dark: Apokolips War film?
1/5 c28 4Monster King
12/22/2020 c28 1jesus
Cool, the joker.
12/18/2020 c28 Guest
Psychotic, murderous clown or immortal witch hell-bent on destroying everything, can't see who's worst one the long run.
12/15/2020 c28 29SulliMike23
Oh crap...the Joker!
12/15/2020 c28 136Shadow Joestar
KO awesome chapter, Whitely and Pyrrha have joined Batman’s cause after revealing his identity and secrets of the Maiden with Beacon safe now. But they will have to be on the lookout with Salem letting lose the most dangerous and insane clown in the world!
11/25/2020 c27 1jesus
Great chapter.
11/24/2020 c1 1Onix121
Wow for a moment I thought alfred wasn't present and I was about to curse you to high heavens.
And Weiss stop calling him father ,call him daddy
11/20/2020 c5 CamoMurf
Nice Whitley is so unnerving. XD
11/20/2020 c2 CamoMurf
Wait... Batman... Took the elevator? *EXISTENTIAL CRISIS INTENSIFIES*
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