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for My Father

1/27 c10 2AjBudang2005
we'll at least this willow is happy and she deserves it
1/25 c35 4Monster King
1/24 c34 1Pedro Alonso Buby Huayanay Zamudio
hmmm I have to say it's great that your batman and rwby fic is back if I'm honest it's great also that weiss learned the truth behind it all (although if I'm honest I like it better than whitley and penny being a couple if I'm honest they would both be great and they would look cute) also, how everything is going sounds like it will be great, especially the fight that is coming
1/7 c34 1Do7
I'm confused. Did you repost this chapter or something? I feel like I read this a few months ago.
1/1 c34 5BrRosabal22
Wasn’t this chapter already out?
10/31/2022 c2 Zero
Could you improve the handwriting of the story a bit?
10/11/2022 c2 1Halvor
Excellent story so far, there are just some grammar issues that undermine the story as a whole.
9/17/2022 c35 Guest
Weiss I’m Batman
8/17/2022 c2 2BFTyrant
So far I’m liking the story but please for the all things that are good and holy… install grammarly or get an editor or something… the sheer amount of bad grammar and misspellings is rather baffling to me… with that out of the way, love the concept and keep up the good work!
4/20/2022 c8 2Benji the Monocat
This is definitely a good fic... but sometimes it feels like I'm reading Sherlock (the tv show)
4/20/2022 c7 Benji the Monocat
The characters in this are surprisingly more competent than their counterparts
4/20/2022 c6 Benji the Monocat
So this is basically a bunch of short chapters either involving Bruce/Batman or people thinking about him...
4/20/2022 c4 Benji the Monocat
Do you have a beta reader, by chance?
4/16/2022 c33 1Pedro Alonso Buby Huayanay Zamudio
woah I just wanted to say that great chapters, I hope to see the next one soon seriously this fic is great and robin and batgirl good addition to the story and the joker like others and just as amazing but I wanted to ask something if you don't mind
3/29/2022 c33 1jesus
Great chapter.
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