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for Thors Officer School - ToCS1 Outside the Fairy Tale

5/16 c16 7JohnJoestar17
It's nice to see a Crow-centered chapter as well as more scenes with the ILF. I was a bit surprised at the Crow x Vita bits at first, but then again they are much closer in age in this AU on top of the whole Awakener/Witch relationship.

The duel between Rean and Arios was the highlight of the chapter for me. I enjoyed the expansions on the different forms as well as Arios' lesson to Rean. It does make sense that both of them (especially Arios) would pick up techniques from other schools as part of their paths to mastery. That being said, I do wonder if the Azure Tree incident will still happen, and whether both Arios and Ian will be disgraced as a result.

Hoo boy...the Jusis/Machias rivalry is taken to a new level. The court case should be an interesting one, to say the very least.
5/15 c16 4NekoDaemonQueenZelda
I applaud you friend in stoking my most daemonic, boiling bloody, piping hot wroth with your realistic, gritty version of the cursed land of Erebos. From faulty dated systems, the accused practically giving up and resigning her life away, to Crow and Vita's group's shady scheming, Sara's hypocrisy regarding the oh-so-chivalric Northern Jaegers, and Millium resolving to be satisfied being used as a point and shoot by her grandfather, this is shaping up to be quite a story by the end. Even if I don't know if my reaction will be a pardon like King Gilgamesh, or an explosive condemnation more akin to Lord Frieza.
5/11 c15 7JohnJoestar17
I feel bad for the Guild, Sara, and Class VII. Even with Olivert's backing, they're just ants compared to Osborne and the entire Imperial apparatus. I have a feeling Osborne will be even harder to take down compared to canon and that Hamel might never see justice...

Nice to see Arios finally make his debut in the story, and it looks like both him and Sara have taken quite the liking to Estelle and Joshua. Being rising stars in the Guild, I'm not surprised. The crazy action scene at the end was one hell of a payoff to all the intrigue that's been building up in the first half of the chapter. I wonder who the mystery Jaegers are, and it seems like Vita is leading them.
4/21 c16 Airchampion
The way you have Rean and Arios interact is something I wish we could have gotten in the games, a shame that Rean didn’t show Arios his orge form but considering that time and place I understand why it didn’t happen, hopefully Arios notice that Rean was holding back in a specific way and Rean will feel that Arios is trustworthy enough to share his which can lead Arios to sharing some advice on the subject. Still I look forward to seeing what happen in the next chapter and how the story will proceed moving forward.
4/20 c16 15Classic Mecraphone
Rean fulfilling the whole point of the combat link without even knowing it, borrowing bits and pieces from the others to supplement his own technique.
Also Rean vs Jusis, special victims unit.
‘That pompous ass touched me on the ass!’
4/19 c16 58DragonSilhouette
Oh damn Machias was so pissed lmao. I love it. So, Jusis v Machias Ace Attorney courtroom showdown death match... This ought to be interesting. I can't wait.
4/19 c16 DBH
I love the depth and detail you're putting into the sword fights. Especially what you're giving us for the Eight leaves school.
4/19 c16 arr3nft
I want to say that I’m blown away but I feel the more accurate description is that I was drawn in. The fight between Rean and Arios had me glued to my phone and their discussion about the 8 leaves captivated me in a different way that I feel like I can’t properly explain.
Other little things that I’ve loved throughout the fic that I feel like I have to mention: Your perception/vision? of the orbment system adds such a depth to battles and even Towa talking about how she planned to use her quartz was captivating.
The way you write certain scenes combines with my love of trails to conjure up some seriously strong images of certain scenes. Rean running through the forest after some ki hijinks lives in my head rent free.
Having the fic start with the characters more grown in some ways but still with some of the same flaws is great in so many ways but one in particular is getting to see them overcome some of their flaws in new ways. I’ll admit to being extremely excited to see how you choose to go about the Laura and Fie interactions, as well as the Jusis Machias situation as well as Rean and Crow much further down the line.

In finale I feel like I could sit and throw down thoughts about how much I love this fic for hours but it’s getting rather late.

Thanks for a great read and I can’t wait for more.
4/19 c16 15Apex85
Huh, I always figured the Albarea brothers' sword stance was just something Falcom gave them to look cool. The more you know.

You screwed yourself over Machias.

Smiled at the first part with Crow and Vita. As much as I despise Armbrust, I do support the ship between him and Vita so this made me happy, even if it were a 'friends with benefits' thing rather than anything seriious.

Curious on Crow's reaction to the torture thing. Didn't see Osborne as the type to order that if not necessary.

Loved the duel it was great. Laughed at Fie and Laura drilling Arios like that. If only Rean could record that in case he were to ever meet Lloyd and/or Juna later on in this timeline.

The insight from Arios does help to explain why the Eight Forms are so specialized and seem to consist of a single Technique. Wonder if someone will try to add something like the Hirazuki or Saito Hajime's Gatotsu to it.

Also really appreciate you delving into more on how the Elemental effects of Crafts are done, and how much some of them can be done w/o Orbments.

Cheered at Rean trying to speed himself up. Aways thought of bringing his Time Element more into the forefront via Bullet Time like with Kiritsugu's Time Alter, or Raiden's Zandatsu from Metal Gear Rising Revengeance if I wanted to be a bit more over the top.

Any other ideas you plan say bringing the Class' Elemental alignments? That ttrick Angelica did in her duel has me imagining a swordsman with Time Affinity performing something like Bercouli's Sword Tricks.
3/23 c15 RyTheGuy
Another chapter of by far the best trails fanfiction i have read!
3/23 c15 15Classic Mecraphone
Poor VII, went chasing after smoke and ended up finding a highway to hell instead.

Keep getting a few good men vibes. You can’t handle the truth!
3/23 c15 15Apex85
"I like to believe the Northern Jaegers are one of the more benign corps who follow a code of honor."- Considering the shit they pulled in canon, forgive me for having any doubts. While Laura and Fie's discussion was interesting I doubt it will change much besides thinking them an exception to the rule. To many Jaeger Dropouts and full blown Jaegers will be a distinction without a difference considering North Ambrian Jaegers' shit.

It feels weird to see Sara acting like an actual instructor and enforcing discipline. Wish Rean had done that to his students in canon instead of letting them walking all over him.

Trying to bring the truth of Hamel to light eh? Good luck with that. Seriously though, I'd rather Erebonia not get torn up any more than it already is...

Arios makes his appearance, this will be crazy. His input will be interesting considering his views on the Empire for what happens in Crossbell. Probably worse than Juna's at first.

Vita got hurt eh, can only imagine how Emma and Crow will take to those news.
3/22 c15 26tailedninja
So is it Osborne or Ouroboros behind these events or one taking advantage of the situation the other created.
2/4 c14 Airchampion
Due to how underrated the series is, finding good fanfics for it is a challenge, so I’m happy to find this one that not only well written but have a interesting premise that justify it existence.
1/14 c9 RyTheGuy
This is so good! Nice to see an amazing series getting some suitably amazing fanfiction!
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