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for The Great Cyber Sonic Mainland Race

8/22 c3 6snowflakeangel21
nice chapter
keep going when you have time
7/26 c2 Goggy
I hope Vinnie and his friends doesn't cheat, if they do there's going to be bad trouble.
7/22 c3 Bobbie
Thomas and his friends are worried but Boco give them an idea so they can win the race. They meet Kotaro at the Steamworks, now Kotaro is helping them practice for the race. Poor Philip had an accident with Arthur and the tables, I hope Philip will be okay.
7/22 c2 Plio
At least Thomas and his friend got to see their friends from the Great Railway Show except that bully Vinnie. Now Vinnie and his friends challenge Thomas and his friends for a race.
7/22 c1 Strutt
That's amazing and great. It's different than a movie.

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