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for When you're Falling in the Forest and There's Somebody Around

9/30 c17 2HamilTrashReadyForMore
when's the next chapter? This is my favorite DEH fic :)
8/7 c13 Guest
Awwww it’s like this chapter was for forever but like fanfic
7/12 c9 Guest
Loving this fic, I can't wait for the next chapter!
7/4 c8 14Angelica Lillith Winchester
Loving this so far. Nice work.
5/27 c3 8imjustshippingmywaythrulife
if you would like to repost the chapters, then by all means, go ahead!
5/13 c2 henry the duck
i'm a new reader but i guess you had a lot of the story written already, then started to rewrite it. would you consider reposting the old one just so all the fansens have something to read while we wait for the re-write? the fandom needs some fic right now and we dont care how crappy it might be haha. PLEASE CONSIDER REPOSTING THE OLD ONE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE
3/29 c1 Guest
Why did the other chapters get deleted?
3/23 c3 Guest
You're good at drawing hands.
2/24 c37 Guest
Hey, just have a question...kind of been waiting for the next chapter and um...it's been almost a year. Any chance of maybe just finishing off the story with a few more chapters, or even keep it going?
2/21 c37 Lolimbigdumb
Aw, man, I watched DEH at TPAC and I almost cried. And I NEVER cry during performances.
2/20 c37 8Rainbow Fox 8
I'm glad you were able to see the show! Yeah, I mean I thought your characters were in character, but I get how if you don't feel like it's right it bothers you. I'll be waiting for the rewrite and thanks for the announcement!
2/19 c37 12BlackPolaris
After so long, I' k. Wow this story has progressed. Looking forward to the rewrite and more updates!
12/6/2019 c36 8Rainbow Fox 8
Aww, Alana and Zoe are so cute together! I'm kinda annoyed at Connor's mom for assuming that he's high, but then again, I understand why she would think that. I'm sorry about your boyfriend, but congrats on the new crush! It's like, "The end is only the beginning."
11/10/2019 c35 Quirky Craft
Can I just say, this story is absolutely beautiful! I love it so much, I binged the entire thing in a Friday evening. I really love the dynamic of Connor and Evan, and it just makes my heart so happy seeing them go through this together. Keep it up, you're great!
11/6/2019 c35 Rainbow Fox 8
Aww, I'm excited to see where they go for the date in the next chapter! It's so cute that Connor became so happy by Evan putting on his hoodie. Good luck with school!
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