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for The Chosen One with the Sight

12/6/2019 c2 Guest
Ugh.. hard subject
12/6/2019 c11 1ChristianMom54
Would love it. Sad to say, but you might get reported if it is not in the guidelines. Please do post the chapter. Also post on Star or:

It would round out the story perfectly. Thank you for sharing your talents with us.
7/10/2019 c10 MadMooey18
I loved it. Honest to God. It was short and concise and just a pleasure to read. Well done!
7/10/2019 c5 MadMooey18
For the life of me I can’t think of why you didn’t get more reviews! I love the story and hate the name James, Jim, Jimmy etc. I love how careful Billy and Jacob are being with her. You have done a great job in planning this and following through on different situations. I think you have done an excellent job and I am pleased to read it.
4/5/2019 c10 Ajfflady
The plot for this sounded exciting and it was. I truly enjoyed reading your story. Best Wishes.
3/18/2019 c5 Anonymous1511
A good story so far, with a gripping plot. Bella sure is resourceful. But I don't understand how she knew so much about Newton's store as she has not been there much and tried to be away from them as much as possible. Also I hope you will find a good beta as this story has several grammar mistakes such as 'seen' instead of 'saw'... It's really annoying and distracting. So I guess if you give this story a thorough read-through and fix the various mistakes, it will be golden!
3/17/2019 c10 sujari6
Great reading it.
3/17/2019 c9 sujari6
I hope their plan works.
3/17/2019 c8 sujari6
Emmett's got to have a lot of trust in her.
3/17/2019 c7 sujari6
Sounds like she had a good vision.
3/17/2019 c5 sujari6
I wonder what Carlisle has to say.
3/17/2019 c4 sujari6
Unfortunate that Mike turned up.
3/17/2019 c3 sujari6
She's very resourceful.
3/17/2019 c2 sujari6
James is really evil.
3/17/2019 c1 sujari6
Great start.
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