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3/30/2019 c1 68TolkienScholar
Hahaha! This was really funny and cute. Poor Sammy. I love how Dean has to take a break from teasing Sam to appreciate that he even knows what the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are. This was the perfect time to use the "Sasquatch" nickname; it was like a little callback to when Sam got drunk in "Playthings" and just made Dean sound so big-brotherly here. And of course, that little joke at the end was priceless. Great writing, as always!
3/17/2019 c1 364SupernaturallyEgocentric
Excellent! And very nice play on words. :)
3/17/2019 c1 83DSCWin
Lol! Oh my I love this! Great job!
3/17/2019 c1 Kathy
good one, poor Sam, :)
3/17/2019 c1 953Dizzo
Oh dear, poor Sam, he's been celebrating a bit too hard!
Dean's pub quiz ... the Hulk? Although I think Sammy's drunken imagination is very impressive, even if it's not correct! :)

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