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for Fox in the Leaf

1/21 c1 smokee
damn i kinda didnt want a hokage for seflish reasons retarded naruto...but i guess fuck it
1/21 c1 Dissapointed
Okay, if Naruto survives this and then doesn't find and kill the chunin and the genins but instead forgives them I am calling the author of this a disgusting hypocrite.

Another thing... why would he want to be a Hokage after this? It's just illogical and unreal. The canon Naruto was mostly ignored but not really abused by villagers. Sure there was some harassment from shop owners who refused to sell him things but he was not physically abused.

If you make a story where Naruto is physically abused and then try to make him some noble-dipshit who forgives all, doesn't take revenge, and still wants to be Hokage... then sorry Mr. Author but you are retarded simpleton.
1/16 c1 Mutant Ascension
Why wouldn't Kurama know that the seal would kill (temporary though it would be) him if Naruto died? He has been around since before Humans ever learned about Fuinjutsu, so obviously he would know about the one Chakra Art that can truly effect him and his siblings. And on top of that he was sealed inside Mito and true Uzumaki seal mistress for over a hundred years and then sealed into Kushina another Uzumaki seal mistress for over a decade. What does he have to do in all that time but learn about the very thing that keeps him trapped and steals his Chakra from him?
Kurama is extremely intelligent after all.
1/1 c66 Francisco Ramos
This shit is ass.
The dialogue is cringe
Naruto is an idiot
Naruto is like Kiba but stronger
Basically Naruto is furry
It boring
All of it is cringing
There a lot of ooc it say bit in summary but there a lot like Ino, Kurama, the hokage
So all in all it straight shit 4/10 just cuz of how long it is Which is a good and bad cuz of how shit it is but I respect the fact that you didn’t quit but over all it shit bye
12/30/2020 c58 Guest
Oh, yeess. Anko Samui
12/27/2020 c15 HenryYor
this chapter made me cry as i relate to most of it really well except for having kurama in me
12/10/2020 c56 Fanfic9000
I still am surprised by how much ramen hinata can eat.
12/9/2020 c44 Fanfic9000
And hiruzen is pissed. His reaction to the secret of defeating paperwork is always hilarious.
12/9/2020 c43 Fanfic9000
naruto prank marathons. I wish that was a mini series on tv, that would have been hilarious.
12/2/2020 c66 1zachosg7
finally made it to the end, this has been on my to read list for a while now

epic story, and the song used at the final chapter was perfect, onward to the sequel
11/28/2020 c35 2vegeta tarble
Who is naruto going to get hinata ino or sakura they see. to be the best candidates
11/25/2020 c1 Diego
11/27/2020 c63 15Leaf Ranger
Finally finished this fanfic, and holy cow, quite an epic ending there. Amazing. Really amazing.

You did a fantastic job. Really amazing. I'm especially happy Tayuya is alive, really like her and I'm eager to see where things go with her. Should be quite interesting.

And Asa is so adorable. XD

The bit with Sasuke working for Konoha was a surprising twist. Well done on that as well.

I eagerly look forward to starting the sequel...tomorrow...or later today, I suppose is more accurate. x.x

Thanks for the awesome fanfic!
11/25/2020 c57 Cullyn the dwarf
Ohhh. I thought the apa was a mis spelled Appa from Last Air Bender
11/21/2020 c20 1ethancyh
nice chapter even tho I dislike the idea of naruto forgetting his memories
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