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5/22 c4 cdemborensky
la historia es horrible pero con ganas. 2/10
12/16/2023 c8 JackDarkke
Enjoy the hiatus, my guy, take as long as you need. And hey, writing a yugioh fic? I eagerly await it.
11/29/2023 c6 Amargi'sNodachi
Boring canon story is boring
10/28/2023 c8 ZDHoover
Honestly with all the voices in his head, it feels like the MC has no agency of his own, all the ideas and stuff come from the voices in his gear. He might as well be a puppet with no personality, it would feel the same either way.
10/13/2023 c7 1kirosyamcha
At least it got past the Raynare arc and the pretty fallen live to be sex toys another day!
10/7/2023 c7 Guest
Yo don't pay any attention to the hate comments, your story's about to get even better I can FEEL it, just take your time man
9/22/2023 c8 Ch4osKing66
Take your time bud.
8/21/2023 c3 Guest
Your mc is pathetic like seriously dude are you modelling him after yourself?
8/21/2023 c3 Guest
You’ve made the mc a pussy to all things supernatural and also just basically let him get walked on in his good guy act, sigh I didn’t expect much anyways dropped.
7/10/2023 c7 Guest
I wanna see the Three Fallen Angel Babes known as Raynare Kalawarner and Mittelt in Sean Harris Harem.
6/30/2023 c7 Ch4osKing66
Take your time man, we'll be patient.
6/3/2023 c4 Reader8916
So … so far you haven’t actually given a reason for Sean to be afraid, or even slightly worried about the devils. On the contrary, you’ve already said none of them would even make a worthy sparing partner. And it’s been established that he doesn’t know much of anything about the supernatural world, so he has no reason to be worried about Rias’ or Sona’s families.
5/29/2023 c7 Guest
Please continue this fic, take your time.
5/22/2023 c7 B127
Desent story. You actually found a setting where the infinty stones may not be over powered
5/19/2023 c7 Bloblow
I'm sorry to hear that you don't have the same passion for the story. The writing is great and a unique addition to the dxd universe. Honestly I don't think most authors, even if they could keep the story in the direction you want would have half the writing ability you do. If you don't want to keep writing then you should probably drop. Incredible job keeping the top notch writing quality without the same fire, it still reads the same. Anyways do whatever you feel is best and thanks for everything you have so far.
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