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1/12/2020 c9 3Lavinia Maxwell
Glad you are back! Happy New Year! Poor Gilbert, I don't blame him for getting frustrated. I hope that Gil takes the Doctor's advice! It was full of wisdom ;)
1/9/2020 c9 DrinkThemIn
Amazing chapter and so worth the wait! I’m beyond excited to see ALL of it resolved.
11/27/2019 c8 Cool-mulle
Wow, this is a truly wonderful story! Your characterization is perfect, and the premise is quite interesting. I really feel for Gilbert 3
Hopefully he will soon get what he wants ;)

Please update soon :)
9/27/2019 c4 20Ariel18
“Well, I have never believed in separating the two.”

Thank you, THANK YOU for that line. What should romantic love be but the deepest and truest of friendships? Romance is nothing without true love as its principal. Dear old Gilbert...

Gratias tibi ago—hic fabulam amo.
8/16/2019 c8 Jackie016
Aw this is so good please update soon!
8/15/2019 c8 AnneNGil
Such a great chapter! I don't want to be impatient, but... I'm ready for the next! Such a great conversation between Gil and Davy. And yes, why is Roy not here in all of this? Hum... I think it's time for Gil and Anne to have a little chat... ;-)
8/14/2019 c6 AnneNGil
8/14/2019 c5 AnneNGil
Beautiful little chapter. I love the echo of the past.
8/14/2019 c4 AnneNGil
I'm really enjoying this! The characters seem quite true to the books. I wondered if Gil would sleep there. It's a good call. :-)
8/13/2019 c3 AnneNGil
I'm loving this story!
7/22/2019 c4 2Corkrose
wow! I can’t believe I just found this story! It’s so lovely, and Gilbert’s comment about separating friendship from love was so perfect and beautiful. It fundamentally underlies their relationship! Binging the rest of the story now
7/22/2019 c8 6DrinkThemIn
Ahh love Davy to move things along, eh?
I bet that note contained confusing Gilbert-related rambles as well as an update on Gilbert.

Hmmm we are getting warmer!
Good job hun!
6/20/2019 c7 2Kim Blythe
That is perfectly fine for Anne to be so worried about Marilla's state and health...

But, I am with Gilbert, she doesn't need to exhaust herself doing so many chores around the house, all alone...

Like Anne, I cannot wait for doctor Spencer to arrive at Green Gables, so that she can really know what's going on with Marilla...
6/20/2019 c6 Kim Blythe
How sweet, I liked how they both didn't want to let each other go their separate ways, this evening, so that they could both have a proper and goodnight sleep...
6/19/2019 c5 Kim Blythe
Apart from the surprise and the little discomfort at the beginning, when Anne scared Gilbert with the fire thing and when she was startled to see him at Green Gables so early in the morning, this moment between the two of them, in the kitchen, really felt like old times, when they were still friends !
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