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10/15 c1 HoneyBear84
Loved it and seriously wish it was longer
9/17 c1 9petalssunwards
i love this story and read it everytime it shows up in search!
8/31 c1 14Lady Isabelle Black
Who is Dudley’s father?
7/27 c1 31Randa1
hump, it smells to me that there is a Black in the crosshairs that happens to be called Sirius, it is the perfect entry for the pure blood circle, but it is a long-term plan that would introduce the two children to pure blood circles again, Harry as Sirius's adoptive son, something like that blood adoption in case he doesn't have children with him, Lily waiting for a year of mourning for James, another year to conquer Sirius, a few more years in which maybe he will give him a son or not, it doesn't matter, Harry is already heir, the approach of the two sisters to the public image, after all, being a widow so young in that way finally taught them not to take anything for granted and that families should not be separated , something that in a post-blood war would be well seen ... over time under the wing of the black family beneficial marriages are achieved for Harry and Duddley within the pureblood circles between those of light and neutrals, not only of England, also in Germany .. ready, they came back
7/23 c1 kimjo2
Heeheehee! Great stuff! Thanks so much
7/9 c1 Guest

How Does Lilly Tackle The Problem Of Voldemort's Horcruxes And The Threat They All Pose To Harry?
6/20 c1 mysuvone
i dont like this one Lily being evil.
5/15 c1 Ice Demon Ranger
Well that is certainly a different take on the Evans family.
Thanks for sharing.
5/11 c1 1RoseTheOneForeverUnloved
This is really good! I kinda wonder who Dudley's actual Father is, but I kinda want to know more about what Dumbledore reaction would be if he knew the Lily and Petunia's actual history since they are pure-blood witches an not the muggle-born that the world believes Lily to be.
3/22 c1 laraquick
Fun twist on canon.
3/15 c1 1HPandPJO4ever
This is really good!
3/12 c1 2Ghostisreading
3/9 c1 Guest
This so beautiful and perfect
3/9 c1 bookivore
Great idea but gosh the sisters monologue more than Voldemort.
2/23 c1 9petalssunwards
OMG this is the best plotline ever!

I love two Slytherin sisters !
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