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for To Know Your Story 2: Movie Mayhem

8/16 c3 Cooldude101011
I wouldn’t put the villains in chains or anything because it’s just rude. Instead the arrangement would be Front row - main characters and protagonists, Second row - villains and antagonists, the rest of the rows are secondary/supporting characters. Also I’d explain the whole fictional thing like this “So the gist of it is that you all are from alternative universes/worlds, including me. Now in my universe you all are fictional characters in animated movies for children. But! In your universe’s you are not fictional. I know it’s a whole heap of mumbo jumbo but that really is the gist of it”
8/4 c10 44kade32
Please update this.
2/22 c10 Dulce vine
I also own the Lorax but you should add more chapters to this story, one of my favorite characters in the movie is The Once-ler and Ted keep writing more chapters to continue. The Lorax is one of my awesome favorite movies next to the Grinch that is.
5/26/2019 c10 54Ugly-Duckling123
Why did you cut out the part where he had to do the 'jump' but fell down it instead and was still fine?

That was one of the more funny parts of the movie
5/26/2019 c10 Thanatos 2018
I forgot to mention the air apparently. Actually I'm surprised he lived so long considering the air quality.
5/4/2019 c9 fnafan8008
More please!
5/1/2019 c9 Ugly-Duckling123
LOVE the fact you've made it so Once-ler and Ted are related
4/26/2019 c9 GirlFish
I'm interested in seeing what happens next...like when everyone sees the last tree be cut down.
4/23/2019 c8 Thanatos 2018
ok im waiting for the next chapter after ive caught up to everybody else so please update soon or make the chapters longer...either one works for me. also thanks for writing a story like this they are hard to find on here.
4/22/2019 c8 FictionLover12
Oohhh, will be waiting for the updates. I just hope you don't stop writing in the middle of the story, like some of the writers doing crossovers and "watching" fics. :(
3/28/2019 c4 LolCat47
The Lorax sounds like a good one as I've been looking for a watching the movie of it
3/27/2019 c3 71AmaltheaLuchiaAizen
Please tell me you’re updating more chapters really soon or maybe doing a mass update.. *is praying it’s the second one* I have LOOKED for a Characters watch the movie fic for the Lorax but no luck other then yours...
3/25/2019 c2 1kaykaydj0825
I bet my Jack Frost sweatshirt that it's HHAW
3/24/2019 c2 Jonas
I feel like having either The Lorax or Rise of the guardians should be the first movie they watch.
3/20/2019 c1 Guest
Tell me this isn't Disney's Frozen all over again.

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