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12/22/2003 c4 14kohaku-the-dark-angel
um...okay this was just a little way to strange...why does bakura want to get drunk?
12/20/2003 c3 1Kiki Takia
damn. thats the shortest chapter in history! no flamey just write more in your chaptas
12/20/2003 c2 Kiki Takia
i absolutely love ryou/Bakura fics! i like the way you make Bakura, its the way i think of him as! PLEASE WRITE MORE!
12/20/2003 c1 Kiki Takia
really likeMUST... READ...MORE!
10/31/2003 c4 biteme
argh! more! have to find out what happens! please? (puppy-dog eyes)
10/10/2003 c4 Strawberry Sweet Snow
I must say, that is the most ridciulous story I have ever heard! But oh well, continue. I'd like to see Bakura crying like a fat baby again.
5/30/2003 c4 15Kimpisces
aw poor poor Bakura...poor poor Ryou...poor poor everyone *sighs*

I love the story though I don't care if they're short as long as they don't go down to being a word a chapter...that would be stupid..lol

Anyways...I like the story

5/27/2003 c4 14kohaku-the-dark-angel
great story...but it was very interesting...can't wait for the next chapter.
5/25/2003 c4 amy
that was kind of.. um.. short.. but i like the story thing so far... ^_^ but i'm sure you already know it's short so i guess there was no real point to saying that but i'm going to stop ranting now.. bye!
5/21/2003 c1 15Kimpisces
oh no! What's bakura going to do? tell me tell me tell me tell me

Ryou: she's a little demanding isn't she?

*glares at ryou*

ryou: *cowers*

oh my poor ryou...i'm sorry *hugs ryou*

ryou: *tries not to get suffocated*

*lets go of ryou* alright..update! please!

5/3/2003 c2 4DogsruleW
YAY YAY YAY! GOOD GOOD GOOD STORY! UPDATE SOON! Oh yes, I'd rather have short chapters if you update quicker!
4/30/2003 c2 4Queen of Eternal Darkness
cool Bakura's turning over a new leaf ^_^ please continue
4/30/2003 c2 I WUV RYOU
OH ME LIKES! (And I think I know what Bakura's favorite word is...)
4/30/2003 c2 60Rowan and Sakura
See, told you I'd check up on this story.

It's getting interesting. Don't know where this story's going, but it's good all the same.

Oh, and I'm gonna guess that Bakura's fav. word is "fuck." Just a guess, mind, and if I got it right, you can keep Yami. Oh and I don't thing I would eat Bakura's food if I were Ryou. He's probabliy never cooked in his 50 years existance.

[Rowan, are you finished now?]

What, oh, yes, sorry Sakura. You can talk now.

[How kind of you, hikari. Just wanted to say that I agree with my hikari Rowan. It's a good story. And short is good.]
4/30/2003 c2 Ryou's Nightstar
Hey there! I know a good Ryou/ Bakura fic ,though it may not be finished ,but it's sweet.

To get there go to google and type in:R rated Ryou and Bakura fics,then go to the title Yurika!Storie is called : God's will. If you can't find it E-mail me and i will send you the connection.The storie isn't as bad as an actual R rated storie, if you don't read 'em.Oh and your stories getting better i love it. Please update soon! Ja ne!
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