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for The Last Prayer

32m c1 Abbabby123
Hope you continue soon. Best of luck to you man.
4h c19 AtivanDreamz
honestly i'm slightly disappointed that nothing will happen between naruto and haku lol
9/24 c1 1bibink729
9/22 c1 bibink729
9/20 c1 Mangomakaveli
Yo this story absolutely BANGS (Badum tss)

I really dig the Kurenai story line and how every relationship is intertwined in this jigsaw puzzle that Naruto stumbled into like Mr. Mgoo. You actually cooked up interesting dynamics with everyone which isn’t the status quo.
Also respect for keeping Haku a boy and making him interesting lol
9/19 c32 2No Scoop No Life
Normally Konoha Invasion is one of my less favorita Moments in a Fanfic, there are not many who put effort into the details. But i loved these last episodes... ando the Sex Scenes too. Yours excellent work.
9/17 c1 Crossfyrex
Yo this story has a lot of potential to after only reading the first chapter kinda excited to finish it
9/12 c42 Siriusds89
Hoping this isn't dead. Favourite Naruto fic.
9/8 c42 PunkB8
I was so happy to see you post on your Harry Potter story, I can't wait to see if you update this one. I love every second of reading it.
The pacing is on point, the plot is there to keep someone intrigued and wanting more, then the "plot" is also very well done. I hope to see more of this story in the coming months!
9/4 c42 Guest
Please continue the story
9/2 c4 Thalamass
Honestly, you could use Karin. Like, she gets attracted to the Uzumaki blood in him, plus you could make a case where Karin was separated from the others due to her wanting to buy some food or something for Sasuke but getting discovered by a former Kusa-nin who kidnaps her. Then, Naruto, during his training with Jiraiya, roaming around a city, sees a weird man with shifty eyes and a sack on his back, thinking it was a thief, but finds out it was her. He protects her till she wakes up, and gives her a heartfelt smile when she does. Since she didn't receive anything remotely close to love except for the reliance Sasuke had on her, that smile makes her crave for more heartwarming moments and so she slowly begins to sway herself to his side or something...

Or Hinoko, she's just too cute...

Samui, her chill attitude and the gap when she might start acting lovingly... plus, she's both beautiful and sexy...

Or Shizuka... she's beautiful, and she actually likes Naruto, I think...
9/3 c42 KuroganeH
Hello, I start by saying that I am Brazilian, my English is not very good, so this comment will probably be passed through a translator, I apologize if something is lost in translation.

This was a story that surprised me, I started reading it initially because of the amount of women that were listed in the synopsis, I wanted to understand how the author would link these characters to Naruto. I confess that I was afraid of the phrase "slow progression" in the synopsis, because it always makes me afraid of how long it would take for the story to move forward... but it was a satisfying progression, very well written and that made me devour chapter after chapter without ever letting go. get tired.

I really enjoyed following the evolution of Naruto's relationship with the girls, it was cool to see the change from "they don't care about him", to "they are falling in love with him". And even if the story isn't complete I don't feel so frustrated since I could at least see most of the girls joining him hahahaha

It's been a while since the story has been updated, so in case it never gets updated again, I have to say that it was a great story, it was really nice to follow these 42 chapters, which weren't small at all, but still left me wanting more. see you later!
9/1 c3 hephestusfirestone
ok I got a little caught off guard on this chapter a lemon warning whould of helped
8/29 c42 Guest
Hey please continue with this fic. This is some great writing here. If you have writers block read fics like a growing affection, the last hope of the senju, true potential(don’t power up villains for no reason), and legion of Naruto to pick the good from those fics for inspiration. This is a really great story.
8/31 c42 1Totalnerd3638
I've been on this site for about 7 years now and I have to say, this story is one of the couple dozen books from the thousands that I've read where I was continuously checking the chapter count in dread of when it would eventually end. Keep up the good work.
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