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2/1 c37 11LoveLifeForever
I completely agree that a nuke can destroy at the cellular level, but you have to consider the reality of all factors.

Manda is capable of taking explosions, but an explosion is essentially fire and blunt force damage. While the snake proved exceptionally resistant to such damage, piercing damage is widely considered to be an excellent counter point to this type of defense. If deidara is a massive firebomb (sorry, but Sasuke would be dead if it were a nuke at point blank like that, I don't care how much organic flesh there is) Naruto is a bunker buster. The wind chakra would pierce Manda's hide with extreme prejudice.

If you're looking for a nuke, the bijuu bomb really is the most accurate representation of both it's damage level and the type of damage it inflicts.

Besides, Manda was stabbed in the nose, not the brain (looked up several diagrams on snake anatomy, their brain sits further back in the skull.) It was the world's most ham handed piecing. It's like being stabbed in the hand. Hurts like hell, but it isn't fatal... Especially by anime logic.
1/23 c42 milkdud8888
1/23 c42 1The.Last.Prophet.123
nice fic is it in hiatus or something though?
1/22 c42 suryamgangwal63
any news on the next update. it has been over a year already
1/22 c25 10Timberwolfe
Boring...Just add Ino/Sakura and ignore the rest of these. It's getting really stale
1/22 c23 Timberwolfe
Uggg...Don't bother adding so many girls. It gets boring and stale. Just add Sakura and Ino, and be done with it.
1/20 c20 2maxperseus130
TBH I feel like Kishimoto never had any idea what the next sentence of his own story was gonna be since the very first chapter. As if he had a weird dream about an orange ninja one night that he told a publisher friend about, and suddenly he has a contract with a publishing company and no actual story to give them. And the way he decided to deal with that, was to get high and write whatever, regardless of what he's already written or where the plot is already heading. And when it got turned into an anime he decided to throw in some bullshit DBZ power scaling, because that's what everyone else was doing.

And don't even get me started on Boruto.
1/20 c16 maxperseus130
Speaking of Haku, I hope you at least intend to cover the Snow Country movie. It would be so awesome to see Haku's Kekkei Genkai Hyoton vs their Hiden Hyoton.
1/15 c42 6deacon94
Definitely one of my favourite Naruto fanfiction well done and I can't wait for more
1/14 c19 10Timberwolfe
We did get the butt scene after all that lube talk and build up?!
1/12 c42 Guest
Abandoned 2 of the best and most popular fics in their fandoms for fucking Buffy, i dont care for that Boomer shit but i wont be surprised when you abandon that aswell. The least you could do is update the AN and say its dead and not that BS about looking forward to the second part of this chapter, which sounds like it was already written.
1/12 c42 lol
MORE THAN A YEAR NOW, rip story.
1/11 c42 Request
Haku x TenTen

They Have Chemiatry.. Nothing Wrong With Making Haku Bi Sexual.

Pretty Sure He Would Enjoy Going Destroying her Rectum.

I'm pretty sure he's going to enjoy the View he Takes her from behind
1/12 c1 alsdjhfgljkwebgh
This is terrible. No wonder you were dumb enough to abandon it. STOP SWITCH TENSES.
1/4 c42 Guest
Would appreciate at least a status update post, if not a chapter, just to have an idea of whether this has been discontinued.
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