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for The Last Prayer

3/14/2022 c1 4Darkgamer08
Hope u update soon
3/14/2022 c22 Issei Uzumaki
My only problem with this chapter is that Sasuke would not be able to use the 2nd stage curse seal yet, so that never should have been involved in this fight.
3/13/2022 c42 1VanillaCherryPie
Not sure if anyone else has commented this yet, but if the ninth harem slot is open again, then the most obvious choice to fill it is Kurosutchi. Consider it, 4 out of 5 nations are represented in the harem already, it could cause some political tension if Iwa is left out of the "alliance." Though I would prefer if Tenten was left in the harem and Samui was dropped. Personally I feel like Samui is the least interesting character of the group.
3/7/2022 c26 Guest
No, they're in a better place then before and if he actually forgives her he is a pathetic piece of trash, in no way can either of them ever be in a harem with him in any realistic scenario you've abused, raped, and destroyed them, this only story so far has been sickening railroading trash
3/7/2022 c25 Guest
Don't lie and call it a harem, 25 chapters and no actual harem in sight, boring and a waste of my time, actually write a harem instead of just lying about ot
3/9/2022 c8 4Darkgamer08
Fuckk. I didn't hate Sakura this much throughout the anime as much i hate her in these first few chapters.
3/8/2022 c1 bascospc
author hope your alright...
3/1/2022 c1 Terracotta Tortilla
Eww a story for virgins
2/18/2022 c42 avellanedajuan12345
Sigues vivo?
2/18/2022 c42 Fernando-senpai
Lets go!
2/13/2022 c17 Eating Upside Down
Wtf, I think I’m falling in love with kurenai. And yeah, honestly, game of thrones felt like it was going down hill after s4, but no one expected them to just shit the bed.
2/13/2022 c42 1Natural Light
The last gir in Naruto Harem. Add Ootsutsuki Kaguya. It Interisting when world know how mother of Cakra be Naruto wife
2/12/2022 c1 Kotare
love this fanfiction. please write more. we'll be cheering you on
2/11/2022 c42 nuiboy14
Really enjoying this fanfiction so far can't wait for the update
2/9/2022 c5 12Write Your Wrongs
This is already making me cringe. He’s so stupid it’s not even funny. And how the hell is future Naruto still hung up on Sakura? I’m also hoping you expand his arsenal to include other jutsu instead of being reliant on two jutsu his whole damned life.
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