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for The Last Prayer

1/12/2022 c42 PLEASE READ
I love this story and think you are a really good author so I want to give you a story challenge idea but I will only give you the details if you say you are interested in the next chapter of this story, the challenge will have rules that you must follow contact me in your stories if you want to change any of them I am flexible to change these ideas but you must get my permission first there will also be suggestions but you are free to change or not use them as you see fit the challenge is a Naruto Kenichi the mightiest disciple crossover with the disciple characters in the Naruto verse
1/11/2022 c42 Guest
I think a good way to bring tenten into the harem would be to show her what naruto has gone thought in his life showing her he tries harder than anyone else including lee and slowly shifting the affection she felt for lee towards naruto and in doing so she could try working even harder to reach her goal with a stronger catalyst being naruto rather than lee
1/9/2022 c20 Guest
Oh, the irony. Shikamaru, Shikamaru, Shikamaru.
1/7/2022 c42 PLEASE READ
Could you please upload the Naruto Tsunami lemon scene on this site as a one off of this story think of it as an AU of last prayer where Naruto has sex with girls that are not in the harem or fun ideas that you couldn't put in the main story or it would change or ruin it like for example Anko going with her idea to reward Naruto for his fight against Orochimaru
For Naruto I have to ask will he gain the special powers of the other Biju like in cannon meaning he can use magnet, lava and steam release along with the blue fire, coral touch, acid, powder and ink from the Biju power they give him
1/5/2022 c9 Guest
I think that naru nii should end up with anko when he enviably gets out of the seal I mean that would be cool and she really needs the brightness that naruto can give but in an aged up form
1/6/2022 c29 benten-100
I am pretty sure that naru-nii could have told naruto that he new a mabui and Samui from kumo, and he would have found out, as naruto tells him everything.
1/3/2022 c42 WhiteWolf
1/1/2022 c42 Guest
Naruto is definitely written as a 13 year old so pushing the marriage back a few years would be better. I cant
1/1/2022 c1 Guest
My only complaint is that future Naruto should've recommended taijutsu training and conditioning from Gai to present Naruto
1/1/2022 c42 Guest
I feel a good way to incorporate tenten would be the have her team come across a royally pissed off kisame and have them have a desperate fight where their on the edge of losing and have naruto step in and tenten realising that haku was right and that she needs to truly step it up if she wants to keep up with her team and make her dream a reality
1/2/2022 c22 Jose Ivan
La pelea de naruto y sasuke vaya que fue ridícula de un momento al otro naruto domina perfectamente todo el chakra de kurama y sasuke la marca nivel 2 que sigue que el rikudou les dé el chakra de los 6 caminos en el siguiente capítulo
1/1/2022 c1 anonymouspotatoe12
fuck ass harem story cant read cause of that
12/28/2021 c19 Guest
It's kiri seni I agree sakura and Sasuke should have never been together it's just messed up in a sense and I whole heartily agree on your logic on this matter RESPECT
12/28/2021 c42 Immortal Potatoe
12/28/2021 c41 Immortal Potatoe
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