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for The Last Prayer

8/19/2023 c30 Apocalyptica-sama
Probably still my favorite lemon to date.
8/18/2023 c24 Apocalyptica-sama
Honestly...the NaruKure pairing is truly godlike in your story.

You've literally created the hottest woman in this fandom
8/18/2023 c21 Apocalyptica-sama
3rd time reading this story...

Having so much fun. Such a good read, thanks!
8/17/2023 c19 Ohma
I came here for seggs not feels

8/16/2023 c9 Ohma
you are an amazing writer

my only issue now is how you forgot small details

like how Kurenai already knew Naruto could tree walk but still asked.

or how he already told her that it wasn't kakashi that taught him, but still asked.

it's not bad just a bit jarring
8/16/2023 c7 Ohma
oh...well, at least he talks back...i can understand not fighting back because he's nowhere near strong enough.
8/16/2023 c6 Ohma
and there better be consequences for Kurenai

Kakashi slaps her shit or the hokage punishes her, otherwise It'd just feel like I'm reading torture porn
8/16/2023 c6 Ohma
ffs I know you want strong women and I have to admit, you have the best characterization of these characters yet

but they're all just being mean bitches...

Naruto better not be a pushover who forgives everything just so you can develop the girls more.

he has his adult self to guide him after all.
8/15/2023 c1 Shadeymankey
This is very well written, it flows very well and is incredibly enjoyable—astonishing since your AN’s say it was meant to practice lemons. You make us feel—both happy and annoyed with the characters—which is always a sign of good writing. If we did not feel anything, why would we read it at all?
8/15/2023 c40 Shadeymankey
Nope. Sasuke needs to die. Keeping him is just stupid. I do not care that he was the original MC for the story, he does not deserve it.
8/15/2023 c38 Shadeymankey
Jiriya should just die. You wrote him well and truthfully, i just wish he died. He may be an okay Ninja but he is a worthless. Human and godfather
8/15/2023 c36 Shadeymankey
Yeah Hiruzen is trash. I loved the Mei interaction, and having her slightly stoned definitely helped see the openness. This is very well written, even if i dislike some of the characters or purposefully sticking to the slightly Anime logic Naruto world works on.
8/15/2023 c34 Shadeymankey
Honestly this chapter is a perfect example of why i think Jiriya should die in a ditch
8/15/2023 c32 Shadeymankey
Welp just 1/5 of the way through this right now and i do NOT believe he has no inheritance. I believe Hiruzen stole it and this needs to be explained. Also, this is VERY well written, but my god does it piss me off to follow anime plot “everything is fine because friendship.”
8/15/2023 c32 Shadeymankey
Welp just 1/5 of the way through this right now and i do NOT believe he has no inheritance. I believe Hiruzen STOLE it from him. If not this DEFINITELY needs to be resolved.
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